Japanese Slut Fucked & Facial 1

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BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Hello! The full 46 minute version is on pornhub here!

msutopia msutopia:

Oh. 8 min enough for cum

hulla187 hulla187:

thanks, but I only needed the 3 minute video!

Sooubway Sooubway:

real nigga shit dawg

SukiSukiGirl SukiSukiGirl:

like this comment if you think me and rae need a scene together

Memememememe222 Memememememe222:

Yes please!

bbslim69 bbslim69:

Oh my goodness yes!

fauzramdhan fauzramdhan:

hell yea bby

YaBoiKaiserWilhelm YaBoiKaiserWilhelm:

Okay. I may be the German Kaiser, but even I know that you can’t have two different tenses in the same sentence. It’s either A) Japanese slut FUCKED and FACIALED, or B) Japanese slut FUCK and FACIAL It can’t be both. Either both verbs are present tense, or they’re both past tense. Pick one. Sincerely, Kaiser Wilhelm II

AlexNellyBg AlexNellyBg:

we talking about grammar while the pornstar herself says she is japanese even tho she isnt

AlexNellyBg AlexNellyBg:

luxleigh, its funny tho, problem is you didnt get enough dick so your pussy is full of sorrow and not cum ;(

LuxLeigh LuxLeigh:

Nobody cares and you're not funny

Mollymoet85 Mollymoet85:

I don't think titles have to be accurate, the bigger inaccuracy is Japanese slut, we all know there's no such thing

Ze_German_Ja Ze_German_Ja:

Du bist completely correct mein Kaiser.

Mehha Mehha:

Mein Kaiser, "facial" ist kein Verb sondern ein Nomen

roeibi roeibi:

that mayhem shirt tho

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

haha.. yes.. People love that.

xlandonx xlandonx:

Euronymous would be proud

sybasedriver sybasedriver:

That is a premium japanese slut. Really sexy!

LoiterSquad315 LoiterSquad315:

What's her name? She's so damn hot, great vid!

Moonmans_Motorcar Moonmans_Motorcar:

if everyone had a Asian fuck toy there would be world peace.

6morbid6angel6 6morbid6angel6:


HentaiLoverGuy HentaiLoverGuy:


kaoseart kaoseart:

r**e would not exist. So NASA needs to get on that shit.

FapFapmeister FapFapmeister:


xlandonx xlandonx:


Mollymoet85 Mollymoet85:

Could you imagine an Asian woman being with a dude like this in real life? Looks so wrong

Mollymoet85 Mollymoet85:


BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

why are you always commenting on my page?

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

I'm going to assume that you want a promo code? Hit those DM's light ass... I'll give you one

CreamyDanielle CreamyDanielle:

omg that is so hot! so much cum! made me wet girl!

ElChister ElChister:

I love the reverse cowgirl with bouncing boobies. And she has awesome long straight black hair!

daddyscamille daddyscamille:

Mmmmm I want this

DeDedDude DeDedDude:

nice job on blurring the face out

dachrinne dachrinne:

This. Finally someone gets it that nobody wants to see a dude whilst jacking off.

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Thank you

memelordmallard memelordmallard:

she's not the hottest of the girls out there but she's got the perfect imperfections to make her feel down to earth and sexually attractive at the same time. i'm also digging her expressions. way better than those fake ass porn stars with high pitched noises. will fap again, 8/10.

bigbossGF bigbossGF:

sry she is one of the hottest of the hottest, no imperfections either

Couples Fuck Couples Fuck:

Very nice video

hentaiwarrior666 hentaiwarrior666:

damn she has a mayhem shirt

marktheace15 marktheace15:

Name ?

jeuhanofski jeuhanofski:

I don't understand how it could be only 68% of likes. I will buy your complete videos with her for my birthday, for sure.

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

@ConSeannery that statement is coming from a 37 year old? lol..

ConSeannery ConSeannery:

She's awesome but seeing her get fucked by some freaky old dude isn't doing anyone a favour really...

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Player haters sir...that’s all

Gigan1954 Gigan1954:


Brooklyn_BJ_Lover Brooklyn_BJ_Lover:

Oooh I like the split screen a Lot!!

RiderSt0rm RiderSt0rm:

MAYHEM EMPEROR and so on, i love to fuck listening to black metal

ineligible ineligible:

Cream gushy cream fuckin mess sloppy juicy gushy fuck

Gallowbird Gallowbird:


ishouldbedoingmyhw ishouldbedoingmyhw:

fuck yeah mayhem

hildur hildur:

That is one tasty looking twat she's got!

lolkekerrr lolkekerrr:


zurzzz zurzzz:

When the thumbnaul picture never got shown

imeh666 imeh666:

wtf she's an mayhem fan

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

yes she is

AT-527 AT-527:

Someone needs to convince Ai Uehara to come back and do a scene with Rae. That'd be godly.

JavHD JavHD:

We Like PornHUB - the world is Huge ! Channel JAVHD - present " History and Sex in Japan " Oiran (花魁) were courtesans in Japan. The oiran were considered a type of yūjo (遊 女) "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, they were distinguished from ordinary people in that they were even outside the pleasure districts. The cultural aspects of the oiran tradition continue to be preserved. - Wiki

thebig9er thebig9er:

Her body and face are as good as it gets. Phenomenal

brothergrok brothergrok:

You're fucking gorgeous as fuck. Unnff!

Maffan Maffan:

u are rly hot tho

marc1890 marc1890:

e brava la giapponesina! mmmm

glanjavobs glanjavobs:

We are super broke teenager one of her vids is premium, can we have something free

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

you got free stuff right here Handsome

glanjavobs glanjavobs:

Is she really Japanese ? She seems asian

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

I always get them confused too! Just whatever you do NEVER call a Japanese person “Asian”.. omg they HATE that! They get super offended!

thisisforporn18 thisisforporn18:

This bitch looks like every other triflingass ho in Ktown going to Parsons hahaha

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Is that your way of asking for a promo code? If so.. I got you Handsome

Doggystyle67691 Doggystyle67691:

she is gorgeous. I would love to fuck her .

Sheogorath85 Sheogorath85:

Was für ein mäddel ich geh kaputt!

gustavomartins2018 gustavomartins2018:

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Justchillen2 Justchillen2:

who is this girl

Floridabanger Floridabanger:

Perfect Asian Babe.. That body Rocks.. Make sure you feed her all your cum. She is HuNGRY

sasuke_anjeng sasuke_anjeng:

dem gurl

boner1987 boner1987:

this girl is so hot i would do anything to her

noah0122 noah0122:

I’m omw

604BBC 604BBC:

come to canada so i can fill you up please

jimmy344 jimmy344:

Fucking Mayhem

Andrej99 Andrej99:

Nice shirt.. she is hot as fuck. Goals

BigCock19Cm666 BigCock19Cm666:

Im here for the mayhem shirt

apoys1 apoys1:

this girl is one of the sexiest I've seen

ronit118 ronit118:

Her name plzzzz

Notorious_Memer Notorious_Memer:

3:03 Okay damn girlI think I actually love you now

peachybitch peachybitch:

ok but what was at 4:06???

unknown unknown:


NinjaDatym221 NinjaDatym221:

I'm about to buy the full, but did you get her pregnant

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Full is right here sir:

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

I'm not sure yet...

eleven11_levi eleven11_levi:

Made an account just to say how much I fucking love this vid ;_; it's a shame I can't buy the full

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Full is here;

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Hello. Why can’t you buy the full version?

hornedhank hornedhank:

damn partner tell that little asian hottie i got a job for her when you get done with her put that ass to work lol really though you are hitting some good pussy keep up the work

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

I appreciate that Sir! Im doubling my whole catalog this year. I have tons of new shoots scheduled.

AprilEighteen AprilEighteen:

The full video is priceless! :o

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

Thank you! You bought it?

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