I fuck a Fanboy for the first time #1

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RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

So many people asked me if I’ve ever fuck my fan.... So here’s the answer! Do you want to be #2? Leave a comment, follow me on Twitter and Instagram (DM on Twitter is open!) and win the chance

Bliss7634 Bliss7634:

Hey guys? Who wanna fuck? If, reg and write me:http://u28.de/821102

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

hot fuck

agrsvecuddler agrsvecuddler:

If you're ever in Canada, I would love to shoot a video

backneedsworks backneedsworks:

i volunteer as tribute

msutopia msutopia:

Wowowo. So lucky boy.

Kickasspep3 Kickasspep3:

Done Please Pick Me!

xgarygoodx xgarygoodx:

Ill be number 2 please3

Jamie Rickiisland Jamie Rickiisland:

Hey. I'm Jamie and I'm a beginner model. I want you to watch my porn videos and say what you think about me. sex, blowjob, creampie and a lot of things on my profile)) thanks, honey **


Done!I really hope to be the one, you're just perfect!

Desireteen Desireteen:

merry xmass everyone

Malik66000 Malik66000:

Hi RaeLilBlack I am an admirer who wants an experienced woman for my first time I hope you contact me it would make me extremely happy waiting for a positive answer

arrocabes arrocabes:

Beautiful, sexy and hot girl! Thanks RaeLilBlack

James7061 James7061:

im IN

itmomen itmomen:

I want to ....you are so beautiful

parisnsex parisnsex:

This guy is weird: he can't Cumbria!

Jovanniy69 Jovanniy69:

Please me

brianc1215 brianc1215:

Pick me, Pick me

Miss UniQueen Miss UniQueen:

How about fucking a fangirl?

HaulaBoyz HaulaBoyz:

I got btc and other alts girl...holla!!!

kobejoshbryant kobejoshbryant:


LustTaste LustTaste:

Love you ❤

Captain_Howdee Captain_Howdee:

I’d like to think my lighting game is pretty solid, so if I was second you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Captainspud Captainspud:


kupiporonoa kupiporonoa:

next time i wanna cum in your pussy. and i will marry you

Drummerpoland Drummerpoland:

I can ;

unknown unknown:

Follando en silencio a la amiga de mi hermana

goldxorose goldxorose:

I wanted to be her second fuck fan so badly.

Swooooooosh Swooooooosh:

Let's make the next video, Rae.

Manimal6913 Manimal6913:

hey baby I would luv 4 u 2 fuck me it would be a dream come true

magicMushroomHead magicMushroomHead:

Fan Fuk volunteer here!

heydude107 heydude107:

I would love to be #2. It would be a pleasure working with you.

kentdale2 kentdale2:

I really love to fuck you.

Rufioswins Rufioswins:

Okay damn, you talked me into it. I'm visiting Japan within the next year, vacation with the guys

Polrompe Polrompe:

If you ever come to Norway, I'd happily be #2

PrincessAmanie PrincessAmanie:

Make it a competition based on the creamiest pussy, I may have a chance lol

oly5621 oly5621:

Well I suppose I wouldn't mind a filthhy night with you, fucking your face and making you beg for my cock

Lancer_One Lancer_One:

Do you do this all the time when it comes to fans?

AlphaDaddyCock AlphaDaddyCock:

I honestly don't think you could handle me if that kinda tame shit is what you're use to.

slwfingrs28 slwfingrs28:

fan fucking tastic damn

lbcbruno lbcbruno:

So... the answer is no but you pretend to for social media likes

Caramelv Caramelv:

I've already contacted you before haha! I just keep coming back to this video, the idea is so extremely exciting and SO fucking hot to me. It's one of those specific things where you can get off from it simply by imagining it. Much love!

leftshoes leftshoes:

Yasss please


Literally just made an account to try this lol, ain’t like it’ll win but hey whatever worth a shot!.. up next.. Twitter and instagram lol

jorjoOo jorjoOo:


eric2234522345 eric2234522345:

So, uh, I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring. Literally made twitter and Instagram accounts (where I otherwise decided against bothering) just so I could get in the running lol.

psychedelicboi psychedelicboi:

Tbh I literally made this account to say that I’d love to have a legitimate conversation with you and get to know you as a person (also I’m from US and yeee)

dre2_day dre2_day:

Who isn’t trying to be #2? Pick me!

madwolf03 madwolf03:


KangyVang KangyVang:

I wanna be in the chance to win. And also in you.

mnm6969 mnm6969:

You’re on my “to do” list

Bruce12344 Bruce12344:

wanna shove my fat cock in your pussy

BigDaddyCris97 BigDaddyCris97:

If u pick me I probably think about it

aznvirginguy123 aznvirginguy123:

Is the contest still open?  Would love a chance with you! Maybe you can take my virginity

xxl774 xxl774:

you are so beautiful and hot, I fall in love with you

clickerman clickerman:

I'd honestly would want to fuck an Asian like you

Antholomew Antholomew:

Fuck it, I'd love to get a taste of that if you're ever in Duluth.

itchmybllz itchmybllz:

i will

PapiYChica PapiYChica:

This guy seems as if he never seen or touched tits and ass before. Let me and wife come at you RaeAloha

GoodGuyDavid GoodGuyDavid:

I really want to be #2, but sadly i don't think you go to Hungary for that.

badnote14 badnote14:

I want to be your 2!!

ItsLamayo ItsLamayo:

I would love to experience my first time with a gorgeous woman like you. Hope you choose me. Greeting from Germany.

spazzyxd spazzyxd:

im 14 can i come

bino74 bino74:

Aloha ! Love ur videos ! Please come to Hawaii & let me show you the Hawaiian

lulanisme lulanisme:

I have followed your instagram ,my instagram : (blue.lillan), and I also a photography , live in Taiwan , hope can fuck with u onday

R9719N12 R9719N12:

That would be my dream.

Vesper006 Vesper006:

Would love to be with you

rangaband rangaband:

i need to fuck

melvinrose39 melvinrose39:

Yes please can i fuck you

Nsafun6999 Nsafun6999:

Yes Please

Day0 Day0:

Why not? We'll have more fun than you except

WildFyreX WildFyreX:

I’ll take you up on that offer. Let me know if you’re ever in NZ.

DeLegendxx DeLegendxx:

i’d love to be #2 you’re gorgeous.. the cutest face..♥️

cobrien1997 cobrien1997:

I would LOVE to be #2! Im a sexy 20 year old with a huge cock

khan8in khan8in:

would love to be that guy! when's the last time you had a big alpha asian daddy?

skaleton skaleton:

God, I would love nothing more than to be able to fuck you

skullfuckher83 skullfuckher83:

Please FUCK ME!!!

zachariahuu zachariahuu:

Fuck me

TheHerbalCaptain TheHerbalCaptain:

I would love to be the second.. I mean who wouldnt.

ThizzN7o7 ThizzN7o7:

Shit, come to Sacramento, CA Id eat your kitty for hours.

Merzbowow Merzbowow:

ye why not

Kekoatiger897 Kekoatiger897:

I dont know where my comment keeps going so ill just replyy tomthis gorgeous young lady yum

NoFaceGirl NoFaceGirl:

Do ladies qualify? If so..... me please!

lunds88 lunds88:

I'd love to fuck that tight asian pussy, ever had Belgian dick before? If not, time to make me your #2

Lotheretan Lotheretan:

Would be awesome, but not much chances of that happening :3

sinarby1 sinarby1:

I'm probably too late, but it's worth the shot, right?

Guy1151 Guy1151:

I would love to be the one, Im still a virgin so it might be fun for you

RitcheyRich82 RitcheyRich82:

I definitely would love to be considered by a beautiful woman like yourself.

canauto canauto:

hi do u come to canada I want to be #2

over8inches over8inches:

I'm In Modesto California.Message me for pics details.

avo912 avo912:

Please let me be #2!! I follow you on both Instagram and Twitter

Shadowstalker12 Shadowstalker12:

Would love to be No. 2

over8inches over8inches:

I'll be your fuck toy, anytime.

xsekmetx xsekmetx:

probably too late but always shoot your shot, right?

aheeb aheeb:

do dreams cum true?

Medico2 Medico2:

I'd be happy to have my first experience with you!

Treuehyperson Treuehyperson:

Wouldn't mind having you for a playmate. You caught my eye, hope you are prepared to take responsibility

Sokkas dick Sokkas dick:

I dont care what number I am as long as i get to fuck

Haku-Legacy Haku-Legacy:

would to be your 2nd anytime if your in PA lets talk

gothicdynamite626 gothicdynamite626:

You are so cute! XDDD

HentaiFapZero HentaiFapZero:

I want to be your 2nd fanboy to fuck you, i live in germany too, lets talk private

callmedaddy82 callmedaddy82:

Sign me up

unknown unknown:


decssiz decssiz:

I want in

Cumlife Cumlife:

400th like on here do I win?

LuciusFaust LuciusFaust:

Do you take French guy ? :3

jal16 jal16:

How long are holding the contest?

flexisteffi flexisteffi:

What about a female fan?!

Kiichi15 Kiichi15:

I followed you on both. Do I need to comment somewhere other then here? Really trying to be that second fan.

imsexaddicted imsexaddicted:

What's your Twitter?

lunsen lunsen:

whit this many "volantuers" you´d be able to have a nice long fan-gangbang :3

jfra3191 jfra3191:

Hi! #2?

fnrt fnrt:

To be #2? A dream come true

84elefant 84elefant:

Sure, why not haha

Corey King Corey King:

Id like to be next

Chicago5O Chicago5O:

#2 right here

Niceguyy69 Niceguyy69:

hope im not too late for this contest

coolykcir coolykcir:

i'd love to be #2

bvcsteph1 bvcsteph1:

Goals but sidenote this turned me on and my kik's 543steph!

vipopcxc vipopcxc:

What a lucky man huh

1050021957 1050021957:

I would love to be your #2!!

zipeldiablo zipeldiablo:

Well, i guess me learning japanese will finally come in handy

ItalianBlowjobs ItalianBlowjobs:

Che Spettacolo!

hornyazn hornyazn:

Ready to buy a ticket to japan

BexxyLynch BexxyLynch:

Check out my store http://www.BexxyLynch.manyvids.com

Peeping_joe Peeping_joe:


FallenFirestarter FallenFirestarter:

Lady Luck...be kind... I too would love to be No. 2.

KD73 KD73:

doubt it will happen but if possible I would love to be #2

nhhungguy nhhungguy:

I dont have Twitter or Instagram... but I'd love the chance to show you what I can do

spanishsins spanishsins:

you're adorable

AC1337 AC1337:

Yes I love to be your number 2

exactoammo117 exactoammo117:

please accept my follow request on insta ! i wanna be #2

dhdodo dhdodo:

amazed just by thinking about it

Joebine Joebine:

You're so beautiful.. I'd love to be #2 so much lol

barnesc13 barnesc13:

I’m in Japan so that would be easy

hyunbak hyunbak:

Metoo74 Metoo74:

So hot!

sandboxbuddi sandboxbuddi:

So beautiful I'd love that chance

JaxsonSparks69 JaxsonSparks69:

Yes I would love to fuck you! Beautiful body and face!

PussyOvrEvrything PussyOvrEvrything:

Is the sky blue? Fuck yes I want to be #2. Assuming I don't fill that beautiful body with cum in the first 5 minutes. Good loooord.

Dusnmane Dusnmane:

You're my favorite make a 27 year olds dreams come true..

tychofx tychofx:

Mehhhh pls

xglowz187 xglowz187:

I’d love to be the second fan pounding your Pussy

iluvraeblack iluvraeblack:

Love you lots rae

ohithere101 ohithere101:

Lmao Id literally die

chris191119 chris191119:

I want to be #2 so bad

OceanXI OceanXI:

I am far away fromJapan, but will book a flight as soonas you pick me

ben554 ben554:

Hope I am #2

YoungDaggerDick127 YoungDaggerDick127:

I added u on instagram and Twitter hope u will pick me !

EnhanceLife EnhanceLife:

Bless me

seanchen520 seanchen520:

Lets get it !

ayeager ayeager:


ThatDude27 ThatDude27:

its lit

EvoKov16 EvoKov16:

Holy fucking shit I came so hard wanking to this!

Freepornthankyou2 Freepornthankyou2:

Ohh I'll totally shoot my shot!

Charlesa12 Charlesa12:

shit ! I canna be 2

r0b3rt1c0 r0b3rt1c0:

I wanna be number 2 and beyond!

walksalone12 walksalone12:

So do I get a data to or is it just sex, if I won I would take you out on a data before hand and get to now you then we can bang I’m 20

mikeho69 mikeho69:

um.... i'm here for the gangbang.. ?

snacck snacck:

I would love to fuck your tight little pussy and make you shake from cumming so hard. Just followed your Instagram and twitter.

sam_1435 sam_1435:

I'm game

breezydoesit1 breezydoesit1:

Hell yeah. can't find you on twitter though?

c0ke543 c0ke543:

hell yes lol

bloodj1995 bloodj1995:

Ooo yes plz you’d be my first Asian woman

tahmineh tahmineh:

I would so love to do this. I'm a bi male but I've only been with guys before. Maybe I can dip my toes....in you, of course

hotdaddy6915 hotdaddy6915:

I would love to be the fan from the USA, who would be able to fuck you, Babe. Would love to eat and fuck your delicious pussy all day...

PasPuss PasPuss:

I would come in

Ocavil Ocavil:

Can we do a cream pie shot?

PuciLuva PuciLuva:

Count me in!

vapelord69 vapelord69:

Pls queen pick me

parkway10304 parkway10304:

I would die happy

egilly88 egilly88:

I absolutely just made an account for this! I hope you pick me, we would have a lot of fun together!

anduuu87 anduuu87:

when you FINALLY make an account on PH just to be able to comment XD Seriously though... fucking sexy Rae

sanjuni23 sanjuni23:

I'd love to, I even live in Germany

Matt138c Matt138c:

Done haha

sharkcock sharkcock:

il shag for fun ;-)

whitewashedarab whitewashedarab:

Made a PH account just for this lol

ballrog98 ballrog98:

Awesome love

Mr_Sarajevo Mr_Sarajevo:

I feel sorry for what this poor woman's DM box is going through...

ThatOneBlacDad ThatOneBlacDad:

Yes. How do I join the giveaway?

slimpicks619 slimpicks619:

id love to have a chance!

JoeMartone JoeMartone:

I'd love you be your #2 or #3 or whatever, LOL!

garciasama garciasama:

Ahh damn hope I'm not too late!

blackberry12340 blackberry12340:

I can promise to try and not cry on camera after sex.

rum19 rum19:

I'd love a chance to fuck you

Mugiwara2012 Mugiwara2012:

I would love and really appreciate if I could be the next fan you fuck

jenaris jenaris:

Can I be ur fan..can I fuck u.. ❤️

avuny2405 avuny2405:

So sexy

Bonnie Bowtie Bonnie Bowtie:

Id love to work w you

Dmartintime Dmartintime:

give me that honor

SleepAway SleepAway:

Yes please. Fan #2

JustinConrad JustinConrad:

I'm a fellow verified model. And a huge fan. let's talk?

rmarihr rmarihr:

hey, im 19 yesrs old and i would love to fuck you, i am a WOMAN! i've never done anything with a girl. Message me privately and ill show you what i look like, i dont have my face on my page for privacy reasons, but i would love to make my first girl on girl experience with you. also, check out my upload doggy style!

rmarihr rmarihr:

i would love to fuck you, i am a WOMAN! i've never done anything with a girl. Message me privately and ill show you what i look like, i dont have my face on my page for privacy reasons, but i would love to make my first girl on girl experience with you. also, check out my upload doggy style!

EZwin777 EZwin777:

Yes i would like be 2,34 or???! YOU are perfect and i can fly you out to me!

fullofcum27 fullofcum27:

Yes pls

kingy663 kingy663:

That is one lucky guy!

raycdaddy raycdaddy:

Pick me please! I’d be so honored

cham9 cham9:

Yes, please.

JohnSmith20000 JohnSmith20000:

That's a hard yes.

gargoyle710 gargoyle710:

yes please!

Sejl Sejl:

Would most certainly love the opportunity to be #2

thebookshine thebookshine:

You're my dream, Rae T_T

xuberant xuberant:

I would love to be intimate with you. It would be an unforgettable experience that is for sure.

jakxxx1 jakxxx1:

Pick me

autfaciam1981 autfaciam1981:

I was in Japan last March, traveled 7 cities in 9 days, and I thought it was the perfect vacation. Now I realize, it could actually be better. I was already looking for an excuse to go back, and oh boy, what a fantastic excuse you would be.

apecqq apecqq:

I am from taiwan, I love you and I am your super fan,Hope you can come to Taiwan

kaisaisbae kaisaisbae:

I would love to be #2 i dm'd you on Twitter so please check that out when you have the chance.

meg4m4n2015 meg4m4n2015:

in it to win it

danieltran8800 danieltran8800:

would love to be #2 or #3

Mhayes90 Mhayes90:

Hit you up on Twitter, freaky bwc here.

incredible_huls incredible_huls:

Check out my profile, I'm sure we'd collaborate excellently

funkyfunket funkyfunket:

I would love to be nr.2.You can stay at my place in Switzerland for holidays

Gerandong666 Gerandong666:

Never miss ur vid, i'm here ..

Dingo_Dango Dingo_Dango:

You would love to have me as your #2

Tohre Tohre:

Ich wäre auch dabei als Nummer 2.

killsya10 killsya10:

ill be #2 all night

Sir-Wolf Sir-Wolf:

That's some damn good costumer service. You pay for some video and maybe get the real thing. Rae, we're ready to make a video with you anytime. Maybe a fan gangbang? xxx

kiddabo kiddabo:

i would do anything to be the #2 CAUSE you the prettyst hot Girl ive ever seen

iMikeyy69 iMikeyy69:

I would loveeee to fuck a real life Aphrodite

bobodo42 bobodo42:

Great video. I would love to join you, where do I send my application?

throwmeout1231 throwmeout1231:

I would be down!

juicebox4000 juicebox4000:

Lol hi

electobuzz electobuzz:

shamelessly commenting for reasons.

mrapplejuice mrapplejuice:

I love all your vids.

dinosaurmania2 dinosaurmania2:

I am responding because you are sexy and I'd die to even get the chance to glare into your eyes

glzluis glzluis:

South Asian meets East Asian. Best kind of mix

nekkken nekkken:

Would loved to be deeply inside of you

NinjaDatym221 NinjaDatym221:

I would love to be #2 or #3

jgrunt40 jgrunt40:

my gf and i would love to be your 2nd and 3rd fans to fuck

blinker258 blinker258:

This video was amazing!

laizer laizer:

wow. Thats should be a great experience

Nevminoze Nevminoze:

Whoa! you're such a sexy baby! video is amazing

heeheeboi heeheeboi:

I'd love to be fan #2!

fuzzyballs1964 fuzzyballs1964:

How are you picking the next person?

KingStinger3000 KingStinger3000:

This video was amazing! you are one of the most beautiful asian women i have ever seen. i would be honored to be the second fan but i am happy with just seeing more videos of you keep up the amazing work beautiful 3

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Quick question : why this justice86 keeps complaininh about my video all the time? Haha

AlexNellyBg AlexNellyBg:

wow all the drooly asses complaining to the guy cuz the pornstar said so damn

mrlordsir mrlordsir:

cause he wants to fuck you and this is how expresses his frustration

jaz311 jaz311:

Ur deep throat game is the best!

BigDaddyCris97 BigDaddyCris97:

I got 3 homies I ain’t contacting u u contacting me when u ready for us

brennyc1 brennyc1:

Because he takes it up the ass...he don’t like good pussy

bino74 bino74:

Blast him !!!

zfiredragon zfiredragon:

Fuck Justice86 once he will never ever compliant again.. And then me for giving you a solution..

Giusaas Giusaas:

he does it for justice probably

ItalianBlowjobs ItalianBlowjobs:

Probably Wants attention

WaowNice WaowNice:

It's called sexual frustration. Someone give that man some or else he'll become an incel

CakeWalk CakeWalk:

Because he wants justice

drsleazo drsleazo:

coz he ain't in it

kendodo kendodo:

Maybe he got shot down by her and now he's just a try hard. Who knows, it's PornHub. Can't even escape keyboard warriors wanking off.

justice86 justice86:

You drag yourself enough that I don't need to do the work.

smasher22 smasher22:

A quote from justice86: "... but she does because she has better chemistry with her partners and markets well.:The Jeff Besoz of Pornhub ladies and gentlemen. justice - if you fucking know as much as you thought you knew you wouldn't be swinging your tits over ugly women in your shanty studio apartment in the bronx ya shit head. Now go downstairs to the Iranian deli you work at and make all of us a sandwich.

smasher22 smasher22:

Yeah justice is always acting like a butt-hurt little baby girl. Can't you just watch the porn, bust a nut and move on? Are you expressing some your inner angst within the pornhub comments section? Are we unknowingly your personal fucking therapist justice?Is it because you're mad you have man-titties?

justice86 justice86:

Haha. Instinctively attacking Male genitalia says more about you than I'd need to.

customgrow42Q customgrow42Q:

So why are you upset. Is it because it's not your micro-dick she's riding?I don't understand why you feel the need to belittle anyone on a fucking porn site. y'know a place you go to cum in a napkin and move on with your life.No one's impressed by your cry for attention avatar or your ability to call out how a twelve year old who just learned how to wack off has bad grammar.Then again, I guess i'm not any better for wasting my time pointing out the obvious to your pathetic ass.

justice86 justice86:

Haha feminine Filipino fag is the pot calling the kettle black. The irony.

yurinikotino yurinikotino:

Probably just an old hag not doing great for himself if he's a he. Am I right you @justice86 star grade asshole? It's porn, no need to over critic and feel like your dumb words would even matter. Go jack someones dick will you? You look saggy btw.

justice86 justice86:

Lol guy says assclown in 2018 and has the world's shittiest grammar. She's great, but I'm not gonna drool and kiss ass like a sad desperate loser (like you).

justice86 justice86:

It's not complaining. It's observation and opinion. Your earlier videos were amazing and you're a beautiful woman. There's no reason people like LindseyLove should have more views or sales than you, but she does because she has better chemistry with her partners and markets well. You could be doing a lot more but if you're happy more power to you.

Unoepsada Unoepsada:


Unoepsada Unoepsada:

Simple, the name is justice so the think they are holier than thou

Sexxah Sexxah:

Nigga did not just compliment the lighting while fucking this type of perfection.

melancholies melancholies:

the goat

alicatty alicatty:

ohh this is great, I want to do this, do I have any fans in cali

BigAndFresh BigAndFresh:

stfu beta white knights.

3Mason 3Mason:


thePackster thePackster:

ya fuck this guy

triplefiiive triplefiiive:

I volunteer as tribute!

kisankanna kisankanna:

Oh public and blowjob??? I like it!!! Very like make video with public and deepthroat! its so sexy!!!!

lunsen lunsen:


AprilEighteen AprilEighteen:

I want to be next! Pick me :o

DirtySid DirtySid:

Come a little closer

PrincessAmanie PrincessAmanie:

If April joins I am "cumming"

AlphaDaddyCock AlphaDaddyCock:

Allie, I assure you that absolutely, literally NOBODY would give a fuck.

thewallisawe thewallisawe:

I’d pick you in a heartbeat

hornytexasguy hornytexasguy:

I'd love to say for RaeLilBlack to pick me, but would much rather see the two of you together!

itsCarlos itsCarlos:

Lets fuck

stuckupazn stuckupazn:

I want to be next too!

welly_lad welly_lad:

i'd watch that!!

italianoluca italianoluca:

VaginatarianDiet VaginatarianDiet:

Get in the line!

wholesomeguy95 wholesomeguy95:

I would love to see a threesome with you guys! That would be video of the century I think

thicks95 thicks95:

Link up

frenkum frenkum:

Organizzarsi, scambiare un messaggio, in breve, fare qualcosa. Ma organizzatevi!

Hornyboy1983 Hornyboy1983:

Yes Please do her :-).

CatFisting CatFisting:

You are fucking everywhere

Paendrag Paendrag:

Okay, I admit, I kind of want you to pick her, too. If not her, then me.

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

I’d love to join you / I’d love you to join me! Hopefully sometimes soon ♡

shinng shinng:

I somehow synced up my breathing with his as we both came at the same time....nigga we linked.

StormcockSoldier StormcockSoldier:

whatre you gay, faggot?

DontFapMkay DontFapMkay:

''Huh?""The lightning is here good"

WojcickiTheGreat WojcickiTheGreat:

This nigga needs the steady hand perk

MichaelHuntsman MichaelHuntsman:


imseriousthough imseriousthough:

No way in hell this is a fan, who you happens to have a porn sized dick/you suck raw.And did this guy really compliment the fucking lighting ?nice ploy though.

zaprese zaprese:

I one should be using a condom to suck though and they could get tested before they fucked. That’s reasonable.

pasxalis88 pasxalis88:

Now that is a satisfied fan

unfriend_now unfriend_now:

Now could you fuck a hater?

Dio_Brando2 Dio_Brando2:

Shineee Kakyoin!!!

tblt tblt:

5:55 just look at how hard he is coming (camera shake). What a good deed.

Kate Truu Kate Truu:

What ca i say awesome

Hugewhitecock123 Hugewhitecock123:

you could say "I'll learn to spell correctly then I'll post an actual comment"...?

TheCorpseGroom TheCorpseGroom:

Yes!! Make this happen!!

Kate Truu Kate Truu:

not only one

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Soon.. it’s our turn!

justice86 justice86:

Much better than your last one.

Annonnee Annonnee:

You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, and your beauty makes me so jealous of why you're taking this route of sex and stuff. You have so much potential in succeeding in something else. It just makes me mad to see women who has so much potential just sell out their body like this. I'm sorry if I offended anyone reading this but I don't care, I'm speaking real shit. I really wish in the future you get to have someone who'll really love, care, and understand you.

hottie323 hottie323:

Pretty girls already have many advantages in life, no need to have a sycophantic attitude. If pretty girls want to do porn then good for them, because less pretty girls won't even have such a chance due to their looks. At least this pathway is always open to them.

caramacock caramacock:


Acroparagon Acroparagon:

Someone post this on r/niceguys

autfaciam1981 autfaciam1981:

I think I am in love, I must have watched this video 15+ times this weekend.

TrapRick TrapRick:

Yo let a real nigga hit this shit. You out here wit em lil dick ass niggas I’m keep it real wit you chief

VaginatarianDiet VaginatarianDiet:

You can watch porn without account and still be a fan. I don't have a cinema account and I'm still Robert Downey Jr. fan

smasher22 smasher22:

Wow justice. good work Sherlock. You really cracked the case.

justice86 justice86:

It wasn't a real fan, look at his profile. Less than 5 videos watched and created less than a month ago. It's a dummy page.

Crypt1cmeta4 Crypt1cmeta4:

yeah right....

lilmago11 lilmago11:

Weed makes this so much better

JustinConrad JustinConrad:

me next???

Natsu Kitsumoto Natsu Kitsumoto:

Beautiful facial ❤️ Raechan かわいい

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:


philipw23 philipw23:

What her name

shredingman2190 shredingman2190:

Hottest girl in PH.

119didbush 119didbush:

my rapper name is lil dick

unknown unknown:

wow..lucky dude..btw u got fan from Malaysia here..phewww i wish u were here...xoxo

parkway10304 parkway10304:

Would die happy legit 10/10 women

kakafloja kakafloja:

Yo I think that was a magnitude 7 there at the end

Lolee Aleksander Lolee Aleksander:

Hahahaha wtf why are the so many fucked up comments on her videos? I love you Rae

PoorBoySin PoorBoySin:

I want Next

1050021957 1050021957:

I would looooove to be your #2 babe.

ShapeFlesh ShapeFlesh:

May I suggest you get a head cam for the future? It would help with some shots and reduce shaking like that we see when you lick his balls. It would naturally free up the guy's other hand as well, giving him the option to play with/grab your body some more.All in all it was a great video and I might just get the full version!

Ilovedoggy698 Ilovedoggy698:

What a lucky girl,I would give everything to be in her place

italianoluca italianoluca:

I am a huge fan, check my cock here, it's worth being #2

RubyDiamonds RubyDiamonds:

I wanna fuck a fannnn❤️❤️❤️ This video has me way too horny!!

caramacock caramacock:

Jeeeeez,, now you gone n got ME way too Horny!! Greetings Huni,, i'm OFFICIALLY, YOUR #1 FAN.... Come n get meeeeeee!!!! x

HotTattooedSub HotTattooedSub:

Damn girl!!!!

Dio_Brando2 Dio_Brando2:

The song at 2:30 is With a Little help From my fridns by the Beatles, yeah, you're wlcome.

gts427 gts427:

I need to let you suck my cock one day.

CBCN Porn CBCN Porn:

If u like asian girls you're gonna like this. I'm a beginner on PH.

sstan2212 sstan2212:

So what is your comment on the fan that had fucked you? Will you fuck him again?

moolit moolit:

i realy like videos like this

Derek1011989 Derek1011989:

Would love some of that. You're sexy as fuck

candidate1 candidate1:

I would love to see you do anal.And since we're wishing for things, I'd love to fuck that sweet tight ass of yours.

Modigoskar Modigoskar:

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

Dieselnoi Dieselnoi:

If your title says fuck a fanboy then you should actually fuck a fanboy and not a click bait title. Be real or GTFO.

feedher feedher:

Fan boy my ass!

innertuber58 innertuber58:


whisperwanker whisperwanker:

people actually believe this shit

YummyAlize YummyAlize:

Your boobs are so fucking nice. I want to suck on them.

WhiteDick1 WhiteDick1:

U look like the girl in my neighborhood. Fucking gorgeous. I would love to fuck you.

hunglikeashetland hunglikeashetland:

You are so sexy!

irondavi irondavi:

Let me be #2

benmofusheng benmofusheng:

You are so beautiful!

NiceViewFromHere NiceViewFromHere:

What a hot video from start to finish. I fucking love your hair, btw. Would LOVE to fuck those beautiful tits of yours

longdickstyle810 longdickstyle810:

Just waiting here patiently for my favorite pornstar to try BBC

Faintdreams Faintdreams:

I wish to be next

mpalm44 mpalm44:

I like that she pics a "fanboy" who compliments the lighting, and has a porn sized dick.

Bombo91 Bombo91:

Lei è proprio figa e poi si vede che vuole il cazzo! Bellissima

code147 code147:

wow!!! you are one great looking girl! so pretty - beautiful from every angle, thank you for sharing!

Addisonkx Addisonkx:

Absolutely beautiful. Being #2 would be a dream come true

detroit30007 detroit30007:

god i wish that was me

shenghongbing shenghongbing:


alepg alepg:

But was this really a fan? I mean, I wouldn't trust the filming job to some random fan, so this is just a bit suspicious...

Plz_Give_Me_Once Plz_Give_Me_Once:

What a lucky guy,

Kate Truu Kate Truu:

one and a half week left

Deathstrokeme Deathstrokeme:

Is this Hentai?

MathsLemming MathsLemming:

anyone know how to get the area of this?https://imgur.com/a/mURULIA

randomeguy64 randomeguy64:

Just multiply the shit outa it. I got 38,016, but chances are it’s wrong. Anyways, good luck.

Gwuppyboy Gwuppyboy:

This is fucking hot. Do more doggystyle though. Needs more.

Parkj99 Parkj99:

Aim to be #2

runnerm runnerm:

probs to the guy for holding it back for so long

Kiryu-san Kiryu-san:

Lemme be number 2 please. Majima-san will kill me if I'm not..

ItzMLGDumbass69 ItzMLGDumbass69:

Just unleash the dragon.

DirtyPlumb DirtyPlumb:

why fuck some hot white guy with a big cock and not just some average white guy with a regular cock. this seems like an unfair "fan boy"

anaconda6900 anaconda6900:

Sorry as video, neither one of these can fuck.

beddtym beddtym:

That would actually be worth the trip to Japan.

fakes125 fakes125:

I would love to be the first Asian on your bucket list! You are incredible

BearPaws93 BearPaws93:

Any guy who gets a night with you would be lucky as hell

flaughpedong flaughpedong:

good luck everyone!

Usagi808 Usagi808:

Wow what a lucky guy! Awesome clip!

kayporn99 kayporn99:

this is a really good short video. you see good stuff and for nice extras you can pay. Well done, that's how I like it

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

And in this way I can see who is dedicated.. i’m making it easier to choose next Fanboy! Haha

Cocktail93 Cocktail93:

i love the moment in the elevator when he slaps your tit. you are so sexy and with such an amazing body

Cathartic Cathartic:

Are your tits fake, slut?

lehandroz lehandroz:

Such a sexy lady, would lick you well and cum inside you unlike this guy in the video. LOL

mrcum1997 mrcum1997:

fenris007 fenris007:

So cringe. Should be a requirement that they aren't virgins

69PussyAtOnce 69PussyAtOnce:

I get by with a little help from my friends

ThatE46tho ThatE46tho:

3:40 when ur getting head but wanna make some conversation! lol

Mhardel16 Mhardel16:

i want im in the philippines

UseMeAsYouWant UseMeAsYouWant:

Can we try?

twistedsegagamer twistedsegagamer:

Honestly I wish I could do you in a video too.

Joshthehorny8071 Joshthehorny8071:

Please pick me holy shit

kyandhales kyandhales:

420mtnman 420mtnman:

God you are amazing

HerLittleSecret HerLittleSecret:

We're curious if this guy traveled all the way to Japan just to do this scene.Cause if he did, we sure its the best money he has ever spent. S2

minlovesasian minlovesasian:

Nice enjoyed it

mick1708 mick1708:

I’m up for that, bet i can do a video for longer than 10 minutes to

twerklord77 twerklord77:

A fan who also does porn.

ArticMeyers ArticMeyers:

Love your work, keep it up.

younggusher younggusher:

sexinthestax sexinthestax:

Can your girlfans be so lucky?

backneedsworks backneedsworks:

i volunteer as tribute

Brooklyn_BJ_Lover Brooklyn_BJ_Lover:

I would worship you like crazy!


I want to be


I want to be

Purplestiffy Purplestiffy:

Me me me!

ParodiusDaryl ParodiusDaryl:

What the fuck?

Tr3vnasty Tr3vnasty:

You’re telling me I could get the opportunity to take a vacation to Japan and fuck a smoking hot little Asian bitch? That sounds amazing!

hafizie5387 hafizie5387:

at last i found japan without scencored... love u Rae... subs...

FNCxPene FNCxPene:


MrPsychiatrist MrPsychiatrist:

Let me be #2?

damiens damiens:

owww i am a new fan

Kenmoore94 Kenmoore94:

You are truly a goddess.

greenlizzard greenlizzard:

never noticed she says, "do you want some crank" at 3:30. i'm sorry but i don't want to know about your drug use.

etcasey etcasey:

Lucky lucky

honeyspice1 honeyspice1:

She's soooo pretty, but such a pig with all the men!

Malik66000 Malik66000:

Hi you are beautiful I would like to be in his place one of these days if possible I would dream

omenmeow omenmeow:

20k dislike?? Are you gay or something?? Really?

andrew2661 andrew2661:

No name available No name available:

Head game is on point

opticpain opticpain:

what a lucky guy!

opticpain opticpain:

One lucky fucking guy!

Couples Fuck Couples Fuck:

That’s nice

MsStacy08 MsStacy08:

WOW Nice

lolkekerrr lolkekerrr:


hYOUmungus hYOUmungus:

God, that nose ring is fucking great. That's like the icing on a cake.

tejay78 tejay78:

Amazing video! Would love to be next..

KonkeyDon KonkeyDon:

Damn, okay. Lil mama cute

IQfeet IQfeet:

This video became %100 better after The Beatles started playing

Stabberloc Stabberloc:

Wish that was me

skurell skurell:

the begining was lit

metaljunkie90 metaljunkie90:

Would be honored

Longthrust Longthrust:

How do you choose?? putting my bid in there

2648648 2648648:

1:55 Beatles fans, where y'all at?

isopropylpropan isopropylpropan:


MrMiyagi92 MrMiyagi92:

okay proof it and come along to germany

MrMiyagi92 MrMiyagi92:

I'd follow your IG so hopefully be lucky (sorry for my bad english

myhandsaremagic myhandsaremagic:

You are so damn sexy, you have the perfect body.... I could lick that pussy all night long

RaptorRex007 RaptorRex007:

She's the best

RaptorRex007 RaptorRex007:

She's the best

bombyaknew bombyaknew:

That's your first time only? Bitch we're all lined up for you. Get to work!

TheFaithBreaker TheFaithBreaker:

Dude's got some Danny Sexbang thumbs

7ohn_w1ll1am 7ohn_w1ll1am:

Damnn sure wish I can fuck you

lickurtit lickurtit:


BlackndYellow BlackndYellow:

Dopeduck Dopeduck:

I'm a verified model so I would be really interested in being your second

chileanfuckboy chileanfuckboy:

Oh fuck, for everything that's sexy on this damn planet I swear this is the hottest shit I've ever seen 3

kaiserkane0 kaiserkane0:

Dibs. LolI would definitely enjoy you though

alatam alatam:

I'd love to take one for the team here but I'm not single. Message my girl Rae, I'd sell my soul to see you two going at it. She's not hard to look at at all either

alatam alatam:

If I were single you're goddamn right I'd take one for the team. (Kidding of course) But I'm not. Contact my girl Rae. I'd love to see you two go at it

SafiCanada SafiCanada:


bighawaiian bighawaiian:

Would love to fck you n eat u

tiny_asian_cock tiny_asian_cock:

pick me next please!!

zwilliamson zwilliamson:

We need another one of these! Particularly with me in it lol

lashftw99z lashftw99z:

how much for a pair of your pantieS?

ElChister ElChister:

Mmmm... bouncing boobies...

akatsuki323 akatsuki323:

This girl is perfection.

jesus1983 jesus1983:

Fuck! This chick is fine as a motherfucker!

mrlinhtike mrlinhtike:

why not

daddydom77 daddydom77:

you are smoking hot. would love a go if you came to US

Drewg44 Drewg44:

you are so beautiful! everything about u just screams sexy! opporyunity of a lifetime to get to fuck you. i would be able to die a happy man lol your amazing

kane_1371 kane_1371:

Gotta love a love hotel that plays Beatles in its lobby and corridors.

Flightmaster76 Flightmaster76:

you're gorgeous honey...an instant boner girl

goatymen goatymen:

damn i would give up one of my balls to be number 2 lol

JavHD JavHD:

We Like PornHUB - the world is Huge ! Channel JAVHD - present " History and Sex in Japan " Oiran (花魁) were courtesans in Japan. The oiran were considered a type of yūjo (遊 女) "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, they were distinguished from ordinary people in that they were even outside the pleasure districts. The cultural aspects of the oiran tradition continue to be preserved. - Wiki

tomahawkjonez tomahawkjonez:

I'm beyond jealous.

Kingme069 Kingme069:

I just wanna taste you Soo bad!

Logan_LS Logan_LS:

Damn its hot that you fuck and film other guys.

saiyomi saiyomi:

love this

santinonyc santinonyc:

Ever in nyc love the vid!!!!

topcatgoldberg topcatgoldberg:

If I had the chance to fuck you I'd think I'd died and gone to Heaven as I love Asian girls and you are stunning as in this video which got me rock hard when I saw you in flip flops and I came so hard I'm still smiling now Thank you gorgeous xxxxxxxxxx

lolabrux lolabrux:

nice asiatique

Romanoff76 Romanoff76:

I wanna be that fan! You are so gorgeous and fuck so good

BigWolfCock4You BigWolfCock4You:

Love to fuck that. Mmmmm so sexy

jakxxx1 jakxxx1:

Jacking off with my masturbator

teeejhay teeejhay:

Maam RaeLilBlack i hope im the second one. Im your number 2 fan. Hope to bond with you not to fuck goodboy hehe

Stargatemunky Stargatemunky:

Applicants must have a 10" cock, be physically ripped, have an obvious history in the porn industry, and be willing to sign a waiver to say they are "a fan" so I don't have to actually sleep with my actual fans who are sweaty, hairy average dudes, who want to just cum on my tits after 2 minutes.

ThePhantomGamer ThePhantomGamer:

That's amazing

Grade6MathStudent Grade6MathStudent:

Wait this isn't khan academy

darkmoon1409 darkmoon1409:

You are cuuuuute

hardcok69654 hardcok69654:

I'm a fan....just saying

fishsticksyoutube2 fishsticksyoutube2:

Does anyone know how to do trig? I have a physics test tommarow a really need to know. But just the sin and cos parts.

epics14 epics14:

Id love to fuck you but where r you

Taffer86 Taffer86:

I'm jealous. If I was white and tall I could get a sexy Asian chick like this. Alas, I had to be born half Mexican and half white. FUCK

OedipusRex112 OedipusRex112:

'How aspergic are you?''Uh- the lighting in here is really good'

tjoy101 tjoy101:

Damn, it was a shame you had to waste it on her face..i was hoping to see you lost it in the back side.

Obi__Wan Obi__Wan:

Hello there!

husky11 husky11:

Damn... I definitely want to be #2!

dabigmoist69 dabigmoist69:


LaSoCouple LaSoCouple:

Omg you fuck so freaking well!! That's a very lucky fan!!!

Moester3236 Moester3236:

kinda wish you could at least mount the camera on something stable, the later half is like watching a movie about landing in Normandy.

HungAussie9In HungAussie9In:

so damn sexy miss Rae if you ever get to Australia i'd love to hook up with you

Pochinkiawaits Pochinkiawaits:

I'd love to be the next. I swear I'm pretty. But would be as good as sleep with you travel to your country, know a lot of people, get new experiencies. Oh damn I love to travel but I can't do it as much as I want. DAMN IT I wanna know this awesome girl and travel. Holy shit

gniwmiu6 gniwmiu6:

Love you Rae

vesper lynd vesper lynd:

Dameleon Dameleon:


hondaintegra218 hondaintegra218:

damn mami come fuck me next dm

yoimgayaf yoimgayaf:

came for tits stayed for the beatles

pauhornypau pauhornypau:

Would love to be #2!

k271828 k271828:

This is the first Rae Black video I've seen, and I'm already a fan (perhaps for obvious reasons). She is stunning!

TotallyNotISIS TotallyNotISIS:

why does he talk like zoolander

vesper lynd vesper lynd:

check out mine if you love sexy asians

Pr1vacyP0licy Pr1vacyP0licy:

Everyone about to be shooting their shot with you Rae 3

SloppyBlowjobs18 SloppyBlowjobs18:

Check out my sloppy blowjobs

perpett perpett:


monellla731 monellla731:

really nice video hun

Dwire25 Dwire25:

id love to be #2

brazzercum21 brazzercum21:

what's her name

kokbilidantofesse kokbilidantofesse:

I love your videos! Come and see my wife get fucked on my page

weenapeena weenapeena:

Would you fuck a fan girl?

TheDp06 TheDp06:

So sexy. Wish I could be your number 2

lasse7 lasse7:

thats nice. What a sexy little girl.

xenojester13 xenojester13:

Come shoot in Miami At Porsche Tower :-) Or on my Yacht :-)

zaprese zaprese:

Each of us together or alone would love to be in a video with you. We have a few videos of our own aswell.

Sparklefade Sparklefade:

in cali where abouts do you want to do this?

SmokePurple SmokePurple:

So fucking hot. I would fuck her brIns out too!!

betterthingsinlyfe betterthingsinlyfe:

I am ready to sign up

J_2x J_2x:

Not gone play no games wit ha

AmitJoshi007 AmitJoshi007:

sexy as hell

YourNotPretty YourNotPretty:

Nice Video. Hot Chick! But at 3:38 ....."The Lighting here is pretty nice!" LOL Seriously Dude!?

scandalhunter69 scandalhunter69:

Metal chicks are hot AF! Notice me @RaeLilBlack

Throwaway0020 Throwaway0020:

Are you still taking applications? Cause I'll volunteer for whatever you want

MyNameIsHarambe MyNameIsHarambe:

Dicks out for me

mattxcarrion mattxcarrion:

I would love the chance if I win

Pr1vacyP0licy Pr1vacyP0licy:

I've never wanted to be second more than now

Eniral Eniral:

lucky guy..

Lovela69 Lovela69:

god u are such an awesome women *-* perfection became true

Ace2736 Ace2736:

I love your work I’m a big fan. If you’re in the Okinawa area I would love to get the opportunity to meet you and maybe be selected.

shely81 shely81:

shely81 shely81:

Slickshoesfan01 Slickshoesfan01:

I'll fuck you way better than he did

Slickshoesfan01 Slickshoesfan01:

I'm down

bobbycharm bobbycharm:

Omg id straight up die if i ever get the chance to fck you.

ardasparrov99 ardasparrov99:

you are the most fuckin beautiful creature in this very world

wafflesmcgee wafflesmcgee:

*Omg a hot girl is giving me a blowjob. Quick think of something clever and sexy to say.*"The lighting in here is actually pretty nice."

afteerbouy afteerbouy:

whaa..fantastic baby

BabyDickBenson BabyDickBenson:

You really have the best Milk... clearly...

Dopeduck Dopeduck:

I would be down to work with another model

bellzeb bellzeb:


HitlerDidUrMom HitlerDidUrMom:

This isn't a Minecraft free download

Zefirka_white Zefirka_white:

so much passion !!

Malik31100 Malik31100:

I find you pretty contact me

mapache_1979 mapache_1979:

I want to participate :*

Ljisbest55555 Ljisbest55555:

Well fucking fantastic video for one and for two text me me mes amd nudes im running low on both people 843-465-0388

supersora10 supersora10:

Man I wish I was that guy. Got to be with a very beautiful woman.

DScoupleGR DScoupleGR:

how do i get my dick inside you??

Walmartyrdom Walmartyrdom:

Is this legal, because I am inclined to think that unless this is staged and the fanboy is an actor, this is illegal

BBC Meek BBC Meek:

Ness18 Ness18:

Damn. I guess i need to browse the Asian category more.

girlfinder girlfinder:

Don’t know whether you will see this or not but I would love to get to be the 2nd one!

bayonetta1 bayonetta1:

Come to England? =P

biandy-goe biandy-goe:

Das hätte mir auch gefallen ;-)

AlibiXXX AlibiXXX:

Asian chicks are so fun ;D

MrGrinch MrGrinch:

Y'all still selling them fanboy fucks? Being a 19 year old virgin is bad, but being a GREEN 19 year old virgin is pretty fucking shit.

Gokuadera Gokuadera:

can you see he's dick with you'r eyes?

reco1973 reco1973:

I soooo wanna be #2

Muscatc38 Muscatc38:

JAPAN HERE I [email protected]!!!!!

dylpickles dylpickles:

Wow I love how you go about sucking on his cock so enthusiastically

brennyc1 brennyc1:

If you’re in Manchester give me a shout Rae x

AndyCVids AndyCVids:

Oh my, would give ANYTHING to be next fanboy on vid

Jay-Guy1 Jay-Guy1:

I absolutely love this girl/Woman...RaeLilBlack has won my heart and mind!

Rivivix Rivivix:

I want to be like you

Samuelfrank85 Samuelfrank85:

Loved your action the video..and your piercings its awsome..looking great..love and kisses for u..

PKennedy121 PKennedy121:

Oh wow, please do me next!!

stefanvanegt stefanvanegt:

Well shit, all I can say is if you're ever in the Netherlands I'd gladly be #2

Maffan Maffan:

ur hot af

AaronRichard AaronRichard:

So hot!

asiantaste asiantaste:

Fuck, I want to be the next one especially if it can be a public fuck session

adolfo99 adolfo99:

Pretty good

smokerluhanhoff smokerluhanhoff:

tudo puta., comia o cu dela e gozava na boquinha da jenifer, esperando de boquinha aberta, com linguinha de fora, igual cadelinha com cede, só tirava do cuzinho da ari e da loirinha da hbo e dava pra elas um pouquinho de porra. um pouquinho pra cada cadelinha no cio. atravessar o mundo só pra dar o cu e mamar é ser muito putiane, né musianes? escolher morar de ladinho e nos fundinhos é a cara de vcs. Putas. Whore. No ouvido derretia no meu pau q molhava toda minha calça jeans.

smokerluhanhoff smokerluhanhoff:

pra participar tem q ser só mulher saudável, com ppk... original de fábrica...tá aí a primeira vez da japa. acho q vou fazer um blog contando o q sempre fiz com essas putinhas.tal de contos eróticos.lembrei da ariane, no corredor daquela casa que compraram do lado do meu apartamento, de sainha, rasgou meu pau entrando naquela buceta lacrada, miava no meu ouvido, comi ela e todas aqlas musianes famosinhas americanas...

MissJohnsin MissJohnsin:

riccerking1996 riccerking1996:

Would love to be numbed 2

Lakesman1 Lakesman1:

I would love to be #2 to be with you hun

Cock Hero Cock Hero:


hannahbannanah2 hannahbannanah2:

is this real? omfg that guy is so... lucky to have his thumb in ur mouth n stuff , all that given to him

mrspunksalot mrspunksalot:

Need me a fanboy with a cock like that!!!


Japanese women are the best women ever

drunkom8989 drunkom8989:

metalhead asian, my dream girl, any chance of getting fleshlights at least of you

adolphus67 adolphus67:

The  Board  for  Tourism  in  Japan  should  recruite  you  as   a  Promotor  of    Travel  to  Japan  for  the  Tokyo  Olympics  Rae.   I  think  you  would  be  ideal  for  the  task.  Another  Supreme  Masterpiece  from  RaeLilBlack .   Added  and  Thumbed  Up

mathdji mathdji:


faceshooter13 faceshooter13:

Id wear a rubber with that whore too...………..with any Asian really

Costa-Rika Costa-Rika:

on the experience))

MrMeincrafterLP MrMeincrafterLP:

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Maquina_xf150 Maquina_xf150:

Usually I get blocked. & this guy gets to fuck.

Boarderjak93 Boarderjak93:

Fuck I love your tits

TheDOPDeity TheDOPDeity:

That was some of the most awkward petting I’ve ever seen lmao

Big Z Big Z:

I’d love to fuck a real beautiful Japanese woman like yourself. Make me #2

Thomasthedank69 Thomasthedank69:

I took her to my pent house and I freaked it I made a account for this.........I need to get a life

whatevenisthere whatevenisthere:

You've got the breasts of an angel. You're a masterpiece.

a-yeet a-yeet:


BrusselsGentleman BrusselsGentleman:

Oh wow - you should definitely fuck fanboys more often haha.. Should you ever be in Brussels..

Casanova1995 Casanova1995:

Damn! How do I sign up?Dream is to Fuck a Hot Asian Girl


Lol i volunteer!!

Vidbeasty Vidbeasty:

Come to LA so I can be #2

WallyBlank WallyBlank:

6:00 not when i shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

Northbay707SR Northbay707SR:

I would love to have a chance sjnce theirs no really asian girls in my town only blacks white and latinas i want no i need to try asian pussy

BruceFillus BruceFillus:


Doggo_No_Wanno Doggo_No_Wanno:


Fiveandthinnish Fiveandthinnish:

Being only 5" (12cm ish) long, not many ride me like that

boomstick3 boomstick3:

this is amazing

aaron3234 aaron3234:

name of song at 2:35?

Isso1337 Isso1337:

Falls du in der Nähe von Osnabrück bist... wär ich gerne die ne 2

hotsweetboy1996 hotsweetboy1996:

i would love to be that one

TheBoricua TheBoricua:

I want to be the next one!

thepornbully thepornbully:

Shes a girl not a boy

swissgirly swissgirly:


Dick Blackman Dick Blackman:

http://zo.ee/4xNbc This some good actions let's do work lol

Teclig2244 Teclig2244:

If you ever choose a 2nd fan... it should be a girl... then the 3rd would be a threesome!!! Makes logical sense.

Milf_hunter345 Milf_hunter345:

I'm beginning to think this isn't YouTube

shitbuckett shitbuckett:

I'm so desparate to be able to fuck you.. its a shame im a virgin in England so my chances are 0% lmao

Manboy23631 Manboy23631:

Love ur videos

Sir_Doggystyle Sir_Doggystyle:

I'll be in Japan in November!!!! Any places you reccomend in Tokyo?

the_swordsman the_swordsman:

I would love to be your

LeviRivaille11 LeviRivaille11:

You make me crazy !!!

hornytexasguy hornytexasguy:

I cannot handle when someone is riding me! I'm giving control over to the other person & lose power to hold my nut in! Not that i don't like when someone rides it, but missionary and doggy for me! Helps me maintain my erection longer!

cocksucker66 cocksucker66:

just living a few hours away from you!

cocksucker66 cocksucker66:

wow! just awesome

Youngdon69 Youngdon69:

Am I the only one who thinks this dude took hours to bust a nut? Or is it because I'm high?

blujin10 blujin10:

Wow you look hot as hell in those jeans.

rawrthepanda rawrthepanda:

Fuck you're so hot. Wish you got creampied more often though :p

lovedpbigtits lovedpbigtits:

Hey Rae , im a big fan from france !! I really love your video you are so sexy !! I often travel to Tokyo japan and my next travel will be in march 2019 and i stay 1 years in japan !! So maybe i can be the #2 or #3 ? hahaKiss from france

unintimate unintimate:

Why was she looking like a retarded seal though...Also how do you make sand in Minecraft?

Floridabanger Floridabanger:

Most of my friends ask me why I rather Fuck Asian Women.. This is the perfect Asian.. This guy missed her mouth like a blind uber driver

SixZag SixZag:

Correction, you got fucked by a fanboy. Women does not fuck, they get fucked, cumbuckets as they are. lol

mavrick0420 mavrick0420:

No soy tan buena como paresco,ni tan mala como algunos piensan... Nunca voy a ser... lo que otros desearian que fuera, tan solo soy lo que la vida me esta enseñando. Me van a criticar sin motivos, me van a odiar sin razones, me van a lastimar sin darme explicaciones. Me va a doler y quizas me lastime, pero las heridas sanan y aprendere a vivir de ellas, porque gracias a cada cosa vivida hoy soy lo que soy...una mujer

EdgyWeeaboo EdgyWeeaboo:

Pick me, Deadass

fellipecmc fellipecmc:

16-17 cm, thicc. 175cm h, 75 kg. several tattoos. nipple and nose piercings. Brazilian.

xm26legend xm26legend:

i have to say but the guy in your wall comment is a idiot. hes saying for u to take care of yourself better but hes on porn hub....ummm.....

asiandeviant asiandeviant:

This looks absolutely amazing.

Treecko88 Treecko88:

I really need to learn some things from an experienced girl like you!

Kekoatiger897 Kekoatiger897:

Meee pleaseeeeeeee

yaaaaa1 yaaaaa1:

i don't wanna be next..

thickhardon thickhardon:

Your tits are so amazing

alien2404 alien2404:

04:45 that look omfg

Kekoatiger897 Kekoatiger897:

Hi you are such a gorgeous girl i would be honored to be with you in bed and i just followed you cutieon insta

Shoot4fun Shoot4fun:

The best ♥

119didbush 119didbush:

I've seen more stable recording from a grandma with Parkinson's

todd59 todd59:


littlebigdick666 littlebigdick666:

Who wants to be in my new movie? Bringing a new type of porn

cot1984 cot1984:

I am tall and have the most beautiful cock in town. Fck me next

Hott_Rodd Hott_Rodd:

Love her!

Mrspoojar Mrspoojar:

Do you guys think thats a fan ?

canauto canauto:

HI Can u do DP scene 2 dicks at the same timethank

Chich_Xa_Giao Chich_Xa_Giao:

lucky bastard

CollegeGirlGio CollegeGirlGio:

Check out my video !

Thatdudetj Thatdudetj:

Hottest pornstar no cap

supersora10 supersora10:

She is hot

carc363636 carc363636:

I'll happily be #2.... or #3, or #4 or so on, hehe...

vanillaviki94 vanillaviki94:

shes stunning

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Ejaysar Ejaysar:

Have you been into Philippines?I'll offer myself. Lol

MilaGrace MilaGrace:

Sexy girl)))

lololo001 lololo001:

Your eyes so sexy

88boogieman88 88boogieman88:

dame girl u get it in

boninick61 boninick61:

Fuck to be your #2 I would travel to you for that. Damn that's so hot.

wankerboiii wankerboiii:

Rae, new to the channel but I really love this video!!! Please do more public flashing videos!!!

bmd1968 bmd1968:

So fucking sexy

bman18712 bman18712:

Why is the internet tab in the middle of the screen blocking my view gotta edit that out

MagnmDong MagnmDong:


SuperHornyMale SuperHornyMale:

I would love to be chosen

RitcheyRich82 RitcheyRich82:

Wow you’re adorable

SantinoMarella37 SantinoMarella37:

This guy's stumpy Asian cock is way too small for her, she needs to see a big European cock... hit me up

frickface frickface:

Hopefully I'll be next

Sharkeylovrone Sharkeylovrone:

Mmmmmmm your so hot ❤️

Sugari Sugari:

Your eyes look so sexy - make up tutorial please!!

alwayspk alwayspk:

i like it

valentinik_15 valentinik_15:

Fast forward to 6:48 for magnitude 7 on the Richter Scale

kisankanna kisankanna:

Oh public and blowjob??? I like it!!! Very like make video with public and deepthroat! its so sexy!!!!

GVazquez GVazquez:

I love your video. Very hot. I love Asians. I want to be next. Come ride me please!!!

hoobitall hoobitall:

have any chance ?

noah0122 noah0122:

Y’all mind if I come ?


You couldn’t handle me...

ReddVelvetCakes ReddVelvetCakes:

Justcallme69 Justcallme69:

can i be next

ReddVelvetCakes ReddVelvetCakes:

idkjusthorny1 idkjusthorny1:

Ima fan iwanna fucku

JDF69 JDF69:

im a huge fanboy!! im gonna follow on twitter and everything. pls let me win.

sexyboi458 sexyboi458:

i'd love to be the next one

LittleBigMan18 LittleBigMan18:

I want to be lucky #2 pretty please

Botanist87 Botanist87:

If you let me be number 2 it'll be the best 20 seconds of your life :p, you're so hot I don't think I could last much longer

UrbanBurrban UrbanBurrban:

Let’s do it. I’m down

Kekklaus Kekklaus:

please let me be your fanfuck#2 Rae, you are just amazing.

arisoy arisoy:

Me next plz

used_to_have_pants used_to_have_pants:

Sgt. Peppers!

PL4Y3R_01 PL4Y3R_01:

Asa Akira sister? haha

Depressedvirgin01 Depressedvirgin01:

I wish anybody would fuck me for the first time... Just want to die feeling so alone.

FreakRealm FreakRealm:

Keep up the great work. Thanks for appreciating your fans!

hentailover98 hentailover98:

I want to be #2!

americansteve americansteve:

I'm now a fan after watching this.

wilco318 wilco318:

I am a fanboy, lets fuck

jarred1 jarred1:

I would gladly put myself out there for that

ElizabethLee ElizabethLee:

ive only fucked a fan once

Dr Ketchum Dr Ketchum:

My wife and I are fanboy and girl!!! Can we get in?

tiopico tiopico:

I think I am in love

Longthrust Longthrust:

Can I be number 2 I'm ready to smash that pussy

notnsfw notnsfw:

super sexy would kill to be that guy

KateTruu KateTruu:

one week left

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:


sexualtimes sexualtimes:

For exclusive unseen nudes, photos and videos and all requests to be granted : https://onlyfans.com/ash_99 I’m in a generous mood

Pornismyescape Pornismyescape:

She rides dick like a champ!!

CreamyDanielle CreamyDanielle:

this is so hot! you like girls too?

CreamyDanielle CreamyDanielle:

I'm so into you!

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Yes I really do

dantaylor1210 dantaylor1210:

Gawd daym

Kikilius Kikilius:

Most agreeable, I'll take my chances to be your Nr.2.

pussyhealer pussyhealer:

it's nice to see you apreciate your fans

cowsbitepeople cowsbitepeople:

Wow, what an amazing Goddess. And to think I was just in Japan in April.

Jamis68 Jamis68:

Lucky bastard..your smoking hot..

Satansbestwhore666 Satansbestwhore666:

If I grew a dick do you think she would suck me like that

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Yes I guess so

His slave His slave:

That’s a lucky fan!

membersbs membersbs:

In my fav country no less. Love the reaction of the other chic "lemme claim my man" lol

jayjaystone2018 jayjaystone2018:

hot..do a footjob please!!

hithere93 hithere93:

Let me know when I win the second fanfuck!

CaramelEssence CaramelEssence:

You are so fine

bobbyshurmdashat bobbyshurmdashat:

Don't worry guys I'm still here... Ow

jerquu jerquu:

damn hot

fogaca fogaca:

I'm ready to be the guy number 2

kurk39 kurk39:

very sexy, I would love to be your next fan that you fuck

kevinis1st kevinis1st:

Hope I win lol

Ce3gee562 Ce3gee562:

Please check out my first upload!

cactusjack12 cactusjack12:

hey rae that is an osum video hope i can be your next fanboy....

dominiqe1995 dominiqe1995:

You have never fucked someone from Cyprus lets make something special for europe

dtfslick50 dtfslick50:

fuck she is soo hot wish I could fuck her too

bombyaknew bombyaknew:

So hot. Please do more please.

rakanishyu rakanishyu:

I'm craving for your sweet pussy.

maliki669 maliki669:

There is no one sexier then you are, I cum to all your videos. Follow you on ig, and Twitter. Could never get enough of you, and you being a metal head makes you even hotter!! Love your work and your body!!! Greatest body ever made.

rojufatcock rojufatcock:

OMG! I'm a fan, and I'm in Japan all the time. I would LOVE to be #2

Ilovedoggy698 Ilovedoggy698:

What a lucky girl,I would give everything to be in her place.!!!

marciotario marciotario:

oh my god THAT GIRL

Peeping_joe Peeping_joe:


CowgirlStyler CowgirlStyler:

You look so hot riding him!!!!

TraplordWilliams TraplordWilliams:

Who is this girl?

LuckyCharm512 LuckyCharm512:

That is one very frickin lucky fan !!!

abuhen abuhen:

Damn, so lucky. Love some Raelilblack, she is amazing, so fine.

Havefunwithme Havefunwithme:

i would buy you a ticket to paris 3

applefind88 applefind88:

followed and plz pick me!!


Great job! Check out my vids and let me know what you think!

OhLookItsThisGuy OhLookItsThisGuy:

Luckiest fan ever! hot video

rize88 rize88:

She litteraly has no ass. No ASSATALL! LOL

Nicherly Nicherly:

Ugly girl

Stew_3 Stew_3:

Wanna be #2 !

peterp0rnado69 peterp0rnado69:

Hot girl

SukiSukiTenBuki SukiSukiTenBuki:

"The lighting here is good" who the fuck says that when their getting head and also the screen shake at the end gave me autism.

Derek1011989 Derek1011989:

Would love to be inside you like that but hey

HarryColeco HarryColeco:

How much do I have to pay to taste that wet pussy

dankjoker88 dankjoker88:

I would like to be #2. It would beamazing if you were my first

Dan Cocks Dan Cocks:

Definitely happy for the guys. I love your piercing and sexy ass moan

Madwomen Madwomen:

"Don't go to the Blue Palace. The master is on vacation. Don't listen to Dervenin. Don't do it."

Corey King Corey King:

I want to be next

unknown unknown:

She's a fucking goddess, holy balls.

SexyStud18 SexyStud18:

oh please pick me, ill do your laundry and clean the house.

gamebuster321 gamebuster321:

Damn what city in Japan is this, I miss those weird tiled walls lmao

sniper983 sniper983:

I am in.love you

ThatDanishGuy ThatDanishGuy:

What a lucky fucking guy.

waywardson3091 waywardson3091:

Consider this my entry

btbalix btbalix:

Darrens1 Darrens1:

If i'm number #2 you'll have twice the fun

JackyChau JackyChau:

I wish I could be no. 2 lol

BigJoe440 BigJoe440:

Would love to be number two and maybe make it a threesome with Courtnry Cum Dump

Mikey9393 Mikey9393:

Do your fans get multiple times to have sex with you? Premature ejaculation can't be helped with you. I would probably need some practice with you before I can build my stamina up or it would be like one of the short flixs that the show before the real movie

Manny_1993 Manny_1993:

I'm a fan boy

suryanicolas suryanicolas:

Hi Rae, I want to be #2 or whatever number only with you. You should try with Indonesian guy, it's me ..


Do they always play the Beatles at Japanese fuck hotels

michael026 michael026:

i enjoyed you and your sexy body performing some magic. i'd like to give you a ride too

lorcock lorcock:

Loved the way u took his cock, wish it was me u took.& i want to be next.

Dark_handsome19 Dark_handsome19:

I want to be #2

AkumaKami AkumaKami:

If only i were in Germany

Mikolaj24 Mikolaj24:

Those some perverts are probably sick don't you mind? BTF whatever you are also completely retarded xD

iluvraeblack iluvraeblack:

Follow you on twitter and ig rae! Hope to be number 2! I love you so much ! See you in japan one day

barewitness barewitness:

Instant fanboy here.

dickface17 dickface17:

i wanna be #2 !!!!

ricodynamic ricodynamic:

Very nice to be number two but number one BBC.. Maybe one day?

ViperSV ViperSV:

Yes please and thank you

Abspritzer89 Abspritzer89:

Come to Germany and take me im 28 and I want my first time sex, u are the perfect one for it

HornyWetLady HornyWetLady:

Oh I love it. Nothing like playing with your fans.

strokesoft strokesoft:

You seem so slutty I love it. Love your boobs.

davidcoley84 davidcoley84:

Meine Fraulein! Fucking amazing as always XD

Rosabellebaby Rosabellebaby:

Rae you are SO DAMN SEXY god damn

Conz26 Conz26:

I would like to try

masterblaster989 masterblaster989:

Id like to be be the second fan you fuck.

markplata4 markplata4:

I wanna be # 2 ❤️

Keniath Keniath:

so hot! i wish i would be next

Zainler Zainler:

How many likes this comment gets is how many days I go without fapping

Ricky_Sixx Ricky_Sixx:

Damn, I would love to tear that up.

Riqyriq Riqyriq:

Id love to fuck you

naoki322 naoki322:

lucky guy.

TevBoy TevBoy:

I hate when I don't get any notifications from pornhub about creators post, I always miss out on the newest content

markramos0910 markramos0910:

So hot!

ZechsM ZechsM:

Lucky guy!

RubberSucky RubberSucky:

Dont have twitter but I gotcha on instagram.. and leaving my comment. Love your vids. Stay gorgeous

8inchesBlack 8inchesBlack:

Great video tho

Snowman123hot Snowman123hot:

To have fans, people need to know who you are...he’s just a desperate loser

alexandra1231 alexandra1231:

what about rough anal sex?

mn77ua mn77ua:

I'd love to be that guy

unknown unknown:

jayci911 jayci911:

Anyone know how I can bake the perfect apple pie??

horny_buger horny_buger:


justinj9511 justinj9511:

I would love to be #2

unknown unknown:

do you fuck fangirls too?? I am so ready

pyronate pyronate:

Followed on IG and Twitter, hope to meet you!

romeo123romeo romeo123romeo:

you are so hot! … I want to be worthy to be #2

Vincitore96 Vincitore96:

i miss japan lol

coalmclane coalmclane:


c0ke543 c0ke543:

guy is having a seizure at the end lol. Love it.

strive4success strive4success:

Holy crap that was so hot ... wish it was me!   Keep up the good work Rae! 

tehsexben tehsexben:

Rae is the primary reason I started banging asian girls

italianoluca italianoluca:

Nice! check my big cock, which is getting noted in Sweden

feetbabie feetbabie:

I sell foot fetish pics/vids via Snapchat! Add me @jastarf

DeezHoes23 DeezHoes23:

wait this isn’t coolmathgames

DrMorningGlory DrMorningGlory:

I would like to get in line. You look amazing.

SwagWood SwagWood:

Who can get me the full video?

ngent0t ngent0t:

I would like to have all of youI'm a fanLove from US

maxxxandfrank maxxxandfrank:

That camera shaking just gave me epilepsy

kxela120 kxela120:

Follow requests pending, do I have to live in a specific area to be eligible?

VaginatarianDiet VaginatarianDiet:

Loved seeing the blowjob

JakRex19 JakRex19:

Hell yes sexy and live in japan too nice.

ETP4554 ETP4554:

Chat lexiegibs on kik for nudes

kaitzu87 kaitzu87:

If you ever come to Finland, let me know

niquescumslave niquescumslave:

I'm a fan

zypherbear zypherbear:

Your content is beyond amazing... I wish I was that luck fanboy if you ever come to LA.

rocklobster000 rocklobster000:

ugly guy lol vvvvvv

Squishy_Duck19 Squishy_Duck19:

Fucking love you girl

90126jay 90126jay:

Fuck yea I want to be number 2 just found you on here and dam I happy I did

spicyasian spicyasian:

What a lucky guy.

Torcherinthedark2 Torcherinthedark2:

I would love to see you in threesome with Asa Akira! You'd give her a run for her money!

N3RDNxTDoor N3RDNxTDoor:

Gonna fly to Japan in February for my birthday. Be a dope birthday present tbh

Imhere2jerkoff Imhere2jerkoff:

Can I be the lucky one next !!?

kaushu999 kaushu999:

So Lucky

dejag111 dejag111:

lit papi

Hufflepuff808 Hufflepuff808:

Day 1 of no fap. It is not going too well.....

Matt138c Matt138c:

Like watching my dream come true. Just not to me.

funny78 funny78:

this babe i so hot like who thinks also sooo

Kylie Kandy Kylie Kandy:

Fanboy with a big dick

Twickzy60 Twickzy60:


Richie Pipes Richie Pipes:

I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of your journey. I went ahead and followed you on instagram, I didn’t know you had one. Been following you on Twitter for a while though. You should make a video of your everyday life outside of adult filming, it will give us a better perspective as well as new found respect for your craft. Fingers crossed on winning though

Lorenzo4421 Lorenzo4421:

Pick me next baby I got you

Arothai Arothai:

Damn, Would love to fuck you but I guess I'll never be that lucky

ConsumedByMyDoom ConsumedByMyDoom:

What’s the point of wearing a condom when he busts all over your face?



itskd itskd:

I want to be number #2! My life would be complete lmao.

ajclarcke ajclarcke:

Jesus christ, is she fucking michael bay

gennosuke86 gennosuke86:

...And if i Win, but i live in another country?

Slydey Slydey:

I'd love to shoot a video with you, so I followed the steps! I'll be rooting

Spanishboy94 Spanishboy94:

she is really sexy

dore123456789 dore123456789:

i would love to be this guy

sylvester944 sylvester944:

Please let me be the next one, i'll pay the fucking plane ticket myself. As soon as i get a message from you i'm gonna book the damn ticket right away

bwest253 bwest253:

Wow that was hot so horny

phuqueoffe phuqueoffe:

'The lighting here is good'. Thats what you are thinking about as she sucks you?

Tmac5405 Tmac5405:

Poor chum chum never gets pussy #shefineafdoe

clauss69 clauss69:

I would love to be in your next video. NEW Sexperience

six_string_fiend six_string_fiend:

I'm a fan!

Izzy1016 Izzy1016:

Wow big fan

loddiy loddiy:

I would like to be next first girl I fuck be Asian

spacebang710 spacebang710:


bigloadsmamba bigloadsmamba:

Really thought it was gonna be some average looking dude like myself.

YuhBoyJesus YuhBoyJesus:

Bro jerk yourself not the camera god damn Imma have a seizure fuuu

denzel12348 denzel12348:

Wow you’re really pretty , fuck.

rayj1593 rayj1593:


DirtyPlumb DirtyPlumb:

she took it on the face and did a bbbj so kudos for that

dutchdick1 dutchdick1:

wow great vids guys

HotaruTitFuck HotaruTitFuck:


jonnyv05 jonnyv05:

fuck yeah. who wouldnt? i know it would be a lot of fun

MakShaw MakShaw:

Yes pls

bigD1ck93 bigD1ck93:

Who would use a condom on that sexy little thing

TylerDurden679 TylerDurden679:


inarmorata inarmorata:

Hoping to be the lucky #2! Followed on both insta and twitter. 3

Freaknight66 Freaknight66:

What's your Twitter? I would love the opportunity to be#2

Ignashka88 Ignashka88:

девочка умница, тип лошара еле кончил

aznsens8ion59 aznsens8ion59:

Yes plz

ItsMoOnTeenServ ItsMoOnTeenServ:

hey pretty good video, shout out to teenserv tho

bigdaddy331121 bigdaddy331121:

I need some sweet pussy like this here omfg i could bust my entire load in that mouth

rodswift590 rodswift590:

This video is so hot. I pulled it up to start edging because I'm about to go fuck a fan's wife, so it's perfect! Haha. Hope you have a good time with #2 as well

LouisvilleLongDick LouisvilleLongDick:

I'd love to be your number 2

mrseshjuan214 mrseshjuan214:

cant you guys have some common decency. there are people around dang.

whoitsamystery whoitsamystery:

i need to be the second one, where is the list

nyp123456 nyp123456:

pick me next!

Scott_From_Pomona Scott_From_Pomona:

This whole "fuck your fan" thing is an old trick. Motley Crue did it a million times and Wilt Chamberlain did it about 10,000 times.

Shylad94 Shylad94:

I want to be number 2 for you

Howolddoihavetobe Howolddoihavetobe:

i want a girl to do this with someone hmu

Undeadsh00ter2003 Undeadsh00ter2003:

Hey I got so wet and hey I would fuck with my wet pussy

charitytenson charitytenson:

Me please

clockonwall12 clockonwall12:


CumSwallowForever CumSwallowForever:

you dont swallow ?

KingPin3337 KingPin3337:

So god damn sexy!

johndirty1 johndirty1:

your best yet, we love it! can we be next?

vivek8057 vivek8057:

I would first wanna worship that pussy by licking it deep.. Tight hugging and then kissing all over. Fuking all day long

supremegod23 supremegod23:

Why did the cam shake near the end

BayAreaCouple415 BayAreaCouple415:

This video made me so wet I had to change my panties! Do you like young Latina’s with a nice body? Give ours a follow! Who knows you may be apart of it?

ricepowr ricepowr:

You are so sexy darling... luv ur videos

Dsnsfw Dsnsfw:

Definitely willing to be #2


If you ever wanna hang out and make peanut butter sammys together you hit me up. I got a dope ass process to it too. I can't give too much away, but it involves sourdough bread and truck nuts.

MisterMann22 MisterMann22:

Sounds truly, truly amazing!

Youngcutdick Youngcutdick:

Meeee please

ArturoCarva ArturoCarva:

Oh my gaaaaad, you´re truly perfect

Iloveass36 Iloveass36:

It would be cool to fuck you. But I'm also not about to beg like all these other people, haha.

itsjoedaddy itsjoedaddy:

She just made a new fan. GOD DAMN

papi_enrique papi_enrique:

Hope im number 2

brightnes brightnes:

Might as go for the raffle (present)

Sinner Sinner:

Such a good girl

luckyguynumber2 luckyguynumber2:

I'm gonna be in Japan from August 3-29 so me please!

BayAreaCouple415 BayAreaCouple415:

Made me so wet !

Marvychan Marvychan:

Oh, the things I would do to wreck that pussy. Here are some examplesv leaving a comment, follow her twitter and IG and hope for the best.

7u5t1n 7u5t1n:

Pick meeeeeeee

NoahStevens NoahStevens:

mann mann mann ... ich raste ja schon aus wenn du die jeans nur ein bisschen runterziehst

DJNinja88 DJNinja88:

if i was worthy enough id love to be next..sadly you'd just laugh at my performance. in any case congrats to that dude and any guy whose next

Edleki Edleki:

omg this guy is so lucky

manabovetown manabovetown:

I tried for the longest ... did not even hit me up

jacobier jacobier:

Pick me~~~

jakxxx1 jakxxx1:

Can I be number 2?? Check out my videos and see my cumshot while you're at it

molloy2304 molloy2304:


8obmarley 8obmarley:

What a lucky guy. You're goddess.

jimbob9008 jimbob9008:

Love the video and he's a lucky Fan Rae!

FoxyToxxic FoxyToxxic:

so.... why would your fan have a tripod and also care about the lighting for the video ?

yiwei99 yiwei99:

i am a super big fan of you bae. You had such a amazing body and beautiful faces im from MALAYSIA PENANG YOU ARE SO AMAZING BABY Besids love to travel around the world too.we could travel around if we had the chance HOPE TO Be UR FRIEND GIRL

derpderp43 derpderp43:

Oh man I wish I could win. I've been planning a Japan trip for YEARS.

VinhTang VinhTang:

I would love to be #2! ^^ pleeeeaaaasssseeee

apecqq apecqq:

I want to be next one

DNmg42 DNmg42:

You are the most gorgeous Asian girl I have see in my life.I would do anything to be with you on number 2 if I can try.

joemscott joemscott:


jkr555 jkr555:

it would be my honor to be your #2

JakRyder JakRyder:

You are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

DarthAron DarthAron:

You are incredible . Wish that riding scene lasted longer

wisconsincloax wisconsincloax:

i really wanna fuck the shit out of you

hornycock6978 hornycock6978:

What a lucky fan I would love to make a video with you

demma6 demma6:

Could I?

TomFord345 TomFord345:

id love to be number 2!!!!

Jdean7910 Jdean7910:

Would you fuck a virgin fan?

Rosabellebaby Rosabellebaby:

Omgggg you make me cum so hard you are so gorgeous and sexy!! Xoxo

bonesofruin bonesofruin:

That was incredible!

goldshoes goldshoes:

You just got a new fan. Now I have to binge all the other videos lol

Kenfuckstgirls Kenfuckstgirls:

Wouldn't mind, you seemed to really enjoy it

Eater111 Eater111:

Fingers crossed Lets go!!

Mandingo4 Mandingo4:

Pick me, and it'll be memorable at the least

vampirebat vampirebat:

I’m down to be your next one

todd59 todd59:


dylanclyke dylanclyke:

please pick me i would do so much to you anything you want

FriskyJrsyBoy FriskyJrsyBoy:

you're absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing and hit me up if you're ever in nyc. would love to show you a great time!

TheFootVault TheFootVault:

Nice Video

DwightShrute2 DwightShrute2:

Damn you're fine.

BearPaws93 BearPaws93:

I'd gladly be number 2 or 3

Irishmask Irishmask:

very lucky guy... id so love to bump into you and fuck/eat both your holes and fill them up. super lucky guy.. you probably made his year

Baalem Baalem:

I would absolutely be your

Tophatmonkey Tophatmonkey:

good excuse to go to japan, been meaning to go. haha.

Sleepers Sleepers:

Was ready for a top notch fuck session... But then... Meh. She's fine that's for sure. Never heard of her until today. On my radar

Damncam Damncam:

Dang! Lucky dude

Tohre Tohre:

The guy was a bit passiv, can a fan get rough with you too? I could not hold back like that ...

Kate Truu Kate Truu:

congrats for feature

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Thank you beautiful!!!!

beerni9 beerni9:

Need to be that #2. Love you!

MrCheckMate MrCheckMate:

Holy wow. Rae always up with the great content. I literally check your profile twice a week to see if there's a new video available. When are you coming back to Germany already? : ))

MrCheckMate MrCheckMate:

Can't wait!

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

In two weeks!

moviesnsports moviesnsports:

Damn good video

LadiesXFucker LadiesXFucker:

i would do whatever it takes to have sex with you the most beautiful and sexy girl with a perfect body and listen Motorhead and Metal but i am from Egypt xD no luck hahaha

immabser immabser:

Haha being #2 is every Man's dream. You are still the best! Keep it up girl! Have fun!

kiddabo kiddabo:

i would do anything to be the #2 CAUSE you the prettyst hot Girl ive ever seen

minnaw minnaw:

Please choose old fan boy this time. They look sexy with you.

Shammzie Shammzie:

pick me next, plz be gentle

voluptio voluptio:

In line with Rae's production.Nice !

blowjoe1977 blowjoe1977:

@RaeLilBlack - you are the hottest babe

alasaman alasaman:

My gf and I loved your video and did lots of kinky things while watching it ...

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

Thank you guys♡

izanagi0 izanagi0:

Yeah Im down

KitsuneCoupleAsian KitsuneCoupleAsian:

How i do to contact you? i live in japan!

RaeLilBlack RaeLilBlack:

[email protected]

Krohvee Krohvee:

Another metalhead fan in Tokyo here.

xxasian xxasian:

So hot! Saved to my favorites!

everytimeidie12 everytimeidie12:


Numbers125 Numbers125:

#2 would be a dream come true. Could even do some metal to make things sound as rough as it will be!

AlexfromBerlin AlexfromBerlin:

Hey Rae, that’s a nice initiative from you and it would be a pleasure to get a scene with you! Cheers from à French guy !

sumi666 sumi666:

do metalheads get preference over other people?

dercius dercius:

amazing video. more facial cumshot videos please

Arntz Arntz:

where is she from? i want a woman like her!

cooterish cooterish:

Whoever wins this will be one lucky dude!

KeiHiver KeiHiver:

My Goddess, I just want to eat your ass, it must be delicious, i was in Osaka last week

Thepantherenoire Thepantherenoire:

hehe. Great video as usual. What lucky bastard. I'm never lucky so I will have to create my own luck and hope i will get to fuck the one and only rae one day. XD

bookboy999 bookboy999:

Another great video! Fanboy#2 will be lucky, I hope it is another public shoot.

Shoot4fun Shoot4fun:

So lucky !!! the video is amazing , you are the best raelilblack ♥

nyc2tky nyc2tky:

This might be my new favorite vid, love the public teasing (wish I had a playful little pet like that); and you look so blissfully happy with the cum all over your face; jsut the cutest lil cumslut ever

TheLion2208 TheLion2208:

Damn you’re SO sexy! First time I’m considering buying a video! Love your tattoo’s ans nosering!

DoctorCocktor77 DoctorCocktor77:

Damn I would love to be next, I'd do anything to fuck you Rae

skaterboy731 skaterboy731:

This girl is so nice. Responded to my reply to her story on insta

Nevminoze Nevminoze:

this video is the way to the top!

bwh06b bwh06b:

Rae, would give anything to be number 2. Cannot imagine what that felt like for him, and can’t wait to be your second fan.

TheLoom TheLoom:

Incredible way to get your fan base involved

Naughtyxmas Naughtyxmas:

You literally have the most perfect shaped breasts.

snake8246 snake8246:

Very good video love and understand over the past videos what you like done more in public and I am ready to perform

snake8246 snake8246:

Please rae let me be fan #2 please I do anything to get the opportunity

RandomBeastt RandomBeastt:

I love u rae, this would be anyones dream

CamillaSweetheart CamillaSweetheart:

Such a beautiful asian maneater ! Baby you look AWESOME with your face covered in cum !

stalk stalk:

oi can i be nmbr 2?? cus i dont come first XD

Iluvmom Iluvmom:

If we had sex you'd be a mommy.

dust99 dust99:

what a lucky motherfucker.

lonerider1992 lonerider1992:

done and done. Hopefully I win.

cccc5 cccc5:

Wow and another hot video! All I can hope is I'm next

Jojobernard888 Jojobernard888:

damn always so beautiful

BradC123 BradC123:

Where do I sign up lol?

HeeroG HeeroG:

Lucky dude...You're so hot Rae!

dickandmorty28 dickandmorty28:

Loved the elevator scene

natalieorcman natalieorcman:

truly the best

Sexyboi6699 Sexyboi6699:

That ass sweeter than candy

JoshDoe69 JoshDoe69:

Amazing as usual

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