FamilyStrokes - Stepsister Fucks Stepbrother Next to Blind Dad

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sauduuuu sauduuuu:

lol dude actually flinched at 1:36

Gaeta5687 Gaeta5687:

Do you want try to do the same? I also

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

no !!!

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

well pulled the sperm in her mouth

FetishJob FetishJob:

Cos she is very hot

billicherch billicherch:

Great sis

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

my pussy wanted to fuck and I get high pleasure

MamiandPapiXXX MamiandPapiXXX:

He got better eyesight than daredevil

ShinKanzaki ShinKanzaki:


SexLuNi SexLuNi:

very hot! check my profile

ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

youngandfresh97 youngandfresh97:

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

не плохо видео!!!!!!

nolimitation nolimitation:

Hi, guys! This is one of my videos! Hope you enjoy it

unknown unknown:

Rompiendo el coño y el culo de mi prima

Sophia Dan Sophia Dan:

Maybe he feels the air flow!!

KoskaetLeska KoskaetLeska:

he's a little bit grave

ibangyourdad ibangyourdad:

I was impressed at his acting until I saw that. He should've closed his eyes.

delta127 delta127:


joshlongpeen joshlongpeen:

I saw that lel

Justagoat Justagoat:

Just wait until the blind see this

KoskaetLeska KoskaetLeska:


BeautyAngells BeautyAngells:

efbmachine efbmachine:

1 like equals 1 day without fapping

KingAgonized KingAgonized:

3.1 years of not fapping man...

777371k 777371k:

why would you ever masturbate, have you not heard of gods kingdom on earth???

Hot_rod123 Hot_rod123:

And a moment of silence for a brave brother. -salute-


Shot yourself in the foot there my friend

Daaamnboi Daaamnboi:

I feel bad for you man

ElPresidente1321 ElPresidente1321:

This ain't it Chief

alphabet360 alphabet360:

every video this guys in he always moans louder than the girl...

JamesMasters JamesMasters:

He also does gay porn, maybe that's the explanation.

Cockthrobbing Cockthrobbing:

I believe you may get into porn, to enjoy your day at work. Sic.

455lover 455lover:

The sex was good for HIM.

iloveslutsandhos iloveslutsandhos:

Sex must’ve been good

alcohal12 alcohal12:

Yea exactly

SuperCockGod SuperCockGod:

Report for Abuse of the elderly

Vecinita Vecinita:

Ide abuse him

Shrek_the_Ogre Shrek_the_Ogre:

I mean why does the blind guy need to be there, what is he adding to this scene?!

BobaT BobaT:


HitlerDidUrMom HitlerDidUrMom:

How do I tame a jew in Minecraft?

C-I-A C-I-A:

well hello there

blahblahb12 blahblahb12:

Aaaaw you are sick yahahahaha

Delilah May Delilah May:

Oof you got to go to the end portal defeat the ender dragon and then slay all the villagers assholes , that’s how

HornyIdiotFL HornyIdiotFL:

WTF u doing here my Führer we have a war we gonna lose it

WhiteWolf69s2 WhiteWolf69s2:

In game currency

efbmachine efbmachine:

1 like equals 1 day without fapping

courtneybae courtneybae:

how you holdin up m8?

TwentyFifthBaam TwentyFifthBaam:

This is Bambi Black, not Bambi Blacks

ThatOneNiggaNaruto ThatOneNiggaNaruto:

Imagine being interviewed for a porno thinkin you gonna get coochie but you end up as the role of a blind dad

JoeMcgee001 JoeMcgee001:

Who else ain’t even 18 yet lol

fxckherinthepxssy fxckherinthepxssy:

@toony654 Those are rookie numbers, son. started that shit 11 years ago at age 7.

toony654 toony654:

im fucked up

toony654 toony654:

im over 18 but i started watching from 12 13

nightlantern nightlantern:

I’ve been playing The Witcher recently and it’s really fucking good, would reccomend, wait this isn’t twitter

TheCockBeater9000 TheCockBeater9000:

We still accep your words my guy

megilliar megilliar:

her name?

meopun meopun:

Aria Alexander

SoapMctavish2009 SoapMctavish2009:

so strange when that blind cunt is just lyin there

burkethekilla burkethekilla:

You're telling me with his superhuman hearing he didn't hear all that noise??

livefasteatass1990 livefasteatass1990:

You'd think he would smell it

malevolentseed malevolentseed:

I dont know why but i feel like shit for no apparent reason. The main thing I'm struggling with is motivation, I cant seem to do anything what I would normally enjoy beofore. I dont wanna draw, play games or make a song which i was surpoosed to do ages ago let alone homework which i gotta do soon. All i wanna do is sit alone in my room and i hate it. Somone please help me

rebeccamystery rebeccamystery:

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CaptinFaclon CaptinFaclon:

It sounds like you have depression, I suggest seeing a therapist

beebensonOG beebensonOG:

dont fap its no fap September

TheCockBeater9000 TheCockBeater9000:


CarmanLand CarmanLand:

Good thing it’s October now

sperminatormsk sperminatormsk:

next video- blind father fuck stepson))

ratmanaj60 ratmanaj60:

I'd watch that

TimiKate TimiKate:

RIP Mac miller

pblovesbrunettes pblovesbrunettes:

Guys anyone know the best archetype for 2K19??

MonkeyDZo MonkeyDZo:

(SF, 6”9, 250lbs, max both wingspan and shoulder width) (C, 7”3, 300lbs, max both wingspan and shoulder width)

KarambitKnifer KarambitKnifer:

What is her name?

hentaiwarrior404 hentaiwarrior404:

bambi blacks

breawhite13 breawhite13:

How do you even come up with such fucked-up stories?

DocJu DocJu:

9gag got me here

Alixv Alixv:

Disliked for watching 9gag

pornismygod546 pornismygod546:

The man just wanted his damn headphones!

joaopunhetao joaopunhetao:

Damn, what's her name?

Shrek_the_Ogre Shrek_the_Ogre:


thedude555 thedude555:

got the angles all wrong for this, should've fucked her up against the wall smh

iimran14 iimran14:

As a member of the blind community i am very much offended

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kingdorkbutt kingdorkbutt:

I wanna be the guy that gets paid to lay on the couch and listen to music

Pseudonympho Pseudonympho:

Why is that dude so... red?

Alixv Alixv:

......and shiny

Thomaxpornx Thomaxpornx:

Du lourd cette vidéo

hornyallday22 hornyallday22:

i wish i could fuck my sisters ass and pussy and lick it so bad

burkethekilla burkethekilla:

Man he has to be retarded.

Ericwankstain Ericwankstain:

I'm not convinced he's blind.

RaptorRex007 RaptorRex007:

her name ?


I'm excited to SEE this video:V

SIayne SIayne:

Never knew Jonah Hill was blind????

SoapMctavish2009 SoapMctavish2009:

Wha, what... what the fuck. Still wanked tho

beanmaster46 beanmaster46:

daredevils gone to shit

meopun meopun:

he was "blind" not "numb" wtf

BSG_Flamez BSG_Flamez:

Probably the pest porn comments I’ve ever seen.

HyperSpark HyperSpark:

He must be blind, deaf and retarded.

Li1Twink Li1Twink:

hes blind, not deaf lmao loud ass actin like his pussy suckin aint noisy

777371k 777371k:

yep i can see again, good good good

Alex__Mason Alex__Mason:

Roses are redI am so sad...

henradicle henradicle:

I got confusedAnd fucked my dad

Smooth_Zest Smooth_Zest:

Wtf was the end?

Lianne82 Lianne82:

That is rude, but exciting!

Sky911219 Sky911219:

Does anyone here play destiny 2?

Allex1234 Allex1234:

Yeah, mate. I really enjoy it, it's a game well done

Octoling_Amie Octoling_Amie:

"Ya veremos dijo el ciego"

Barack_Obunga Barack_Obunga:

All he needed we're Logan Paul's anti color blind glasses

soviet_bisc soviet_bisc:

I thought they said this nigga was blind not deaf

burkethekilla burkethekilla:

Wait I've been here before, how I remember after I nutted FUCK

sparky69withcheese sparky69withcheese:

how do i get games on my ipod touch

Ghadban Ghadban:

Is this Bambi Blacks? I think I'm the one going blind

Spike D Spike D:

I wonder how hard it was for the man playing the blind dad to keep a straight face.

Yelle22 Yelle22:

His dick is huge af

soul1238 soul1238:

do you know what is the name os the girl she is amzing

raj280590 raj280590:

This is Bambi black not the British Bambi blacks

LacedwithViagra LacedwithViagra:

She looks like the main character of the lorax


I lov it, if there is a story shone... to meets and and get horny at each other, but they shudent, ( wat ever the reason is... if there is a ( no you shudent...) stepsis, stepbrother, Frinds sister, thoter, wive don't matter... if they finally meets to fuck... ,

thaAWEsoM1 thaAWEsoM1:

girl and guy are perfect as fuck

Taytay9984 Taytay9984:

fuckin hot

funny78 funny78:

1 like = 1day no fapping

kimoalex kimoalex:


Bad Couple Bad Couple:


Kirazuman Kirazuman:

Объясните сюжет

Roxema Roxema:

hahaha beast!!!

trademarxx trademarxx:

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JavHD JavHD:

Very funny...but it was damn hot

KingAgonized KingAgonized:

Is porn hub a social media

ThinShow ThinShow:


GrimeyGrinder GrimeyGrinder:

This short clip was too focused on building the scene. I saw more of the sweaty male performer than I wanted to. What about Bambi? That’s who we’re here to see. Weak script, directing for good for building the scene but not good for showcasing the model. Bambi is super hot. This scene made her look average. Not acceptable.

SluttyDiana SluttyDiana:

Blind guy should fuck her

eff_j eff_j:

Maybe he's blind but not deaf

MaxOfFewTrades MaxOfFewTrades:

Could this guy breath a little louder? I can still hear the girl’s moans

KittyKreations KittyKreations:

iceclecreame iceclecreame:

He’s blind not deaf

Bigtits9419 Bigtits9419:

Kyle is so fucking hot

The Masked Mistress The Masked Mistress:

Petite tight teen getting pounded

uwu-ing uwu-ing:

flat is justice.

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

I really like this video that my pussy gets wet

PrincessMayy PrincessMayy:

secretservis1 secretservis1:

Cool movie worth watching!

Justosam Justosam:


What I Need What I Need:

Amazing deepthroat

xXxWilson xXxWilson:

Joderr me vine en este :/

Unanimousspanker Unanimousspanker:

I don't believe for one second these people would have sex on front of an open door. Come on now.

Jess and mike Jess and mike:

Wow great

weirdobrat weirdobrat:

blind dude all the sudden starts smelling fish

CBCN Porn CBCN Porn:

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C3fat C3fat:

Give me one reason to start playing lol

alwaysneed alwaysneed:

Omg so fucking good

lekkerding97 lekkerding97:


ArtemisSoreASS ArtemisSoreASS:

sneak level 999

hugomb hugomb:

Que rico, me encanta esa chica!!

BaristaBabe8 BaristaBabe8:

Badredbone69 Badredbone69:

Badredbone69 Badredbone69:

redboxers redboxers:

great endiing

DarthSidiousonmeth DarthSidiousonmeth:

this is really mean. even for me

Lovecatsmew Lovecatsmew:

Very nice! Check my videos)

youngandfresh97 youngandfresh97:

My pussy is so fucking wet

florin909090 florin909090:


MadoMofo MadoMofo:

Can he hear?


he never got his aspirin

isthisnottaken isthisnottaken:

This dude turned purple at the 5 min Mark thanos brother

kingbun22 kingbun22:

All the Ladys add me

ouset ouset:

kingdingaling443 kingdingaling443:

coworker being bad on the job

AmandaHot88 AmandaHot88:


genesislovely genesislovely:

Whole scenario is fucked up yet hot as fuck

thelonelyturtle thelonelyturtle:

1:32 he flinches

newphonehoodiss newphonehoodiss:

there's no way he didn't hear that



iksmenas iksmenas:

hot and sexy

casselrock casselrock:

f in the chat

iAmOlderThan18Bung iAmOlderThan18Bung:

it's no nut November, wtf are you doing here?

RelsD RelsD:

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hardnigga33 hardnigga33:

That nigga flinched

mrsexxxybbc mrsexxxybbc:

all I could really do was laugh at this one.. aria was hot though

arizona_can arizona_can:

I would ddo horrible things to this woman and I bet shed want a round 2

bigbutticus bigbutticus:

Mrbwayz Mrbwayz:

She is so hot

Julieann86 Julieann86:

I need to stop watching porn today, but I can't

gatsbydiary gatsbydiary:

Delete this before my blind uncle sees this

Needyick Needyick:

"Don't be up to any craziness while I'm...uhh...while I can't see anything!"

Alaskanman244 Alaskanman244:

Dude she ugly asf

dayumimgood dayumimgood:

Can someone please get me a aspirin? This plot have me a headache... Smdh

JavHD JavHD:

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mariomathers mariomathers:

Why ca't I just watch a hot girl get plowed, why the fucks there gotta be a blind dad involved

mariomathers mariomathers:

He's blind, not retarded

aDayToRemember556 aDayToRemember556:

yo this girl has an 8 head

RealJerrySeinfeld RealJerrySeinfeld:

I don't get all of this Stepmother/Stepsister shit. Instead of railing your family you could go to college. Then you could bang your roommate. Same "always there" feel, less family feel.

thatguywow thatguywow:

it's porn with a plot my friend

stalincenlam stalincenlam:

i dont know who is more blind. this aint aria

bigtiddykiddy bigtiddykiddy:

watch my natural tits get fucked

Inboxifinterested Inboxifinterested:

what’s the girls name ?

stonedgiraffe42 stonedgiraffe42:

Who is the girl? I'm pretty sure that's not Aria Alexander

TheKoza TheKoza:

wtf why he can see at the end ?

TheKoza TheKoza:

1:00 he can see where is her head so its fake xdd

just_a_guy21 just_a_guy21:

What is the girls name?

DynamicEntry DynamicEntry:

He's blind and then he says "I'll get the tv for You"

DynamicEntry DynamicEntry:

he is deaf too?

PrestonGarv3y PrestonGarv3y:

This is more fake that when you guys say youll help a new settlement out.By the way, a new settlement needs our help

Double_Jay Double_Jay:

that's not actually aria alexander, is it?

Doug_D_Dimmadome Doug_D_Dimmadome:

Mans got some fresh ass shades

hajklmnop hajklmnop:

so what is he blind and deaf?? sorry but theres no way he didnt know whats good

La lizzyyyy La lizzyyyy:

Go check out my videos babes

Viewer1010 Viewer1010:

This is neither Aria Alexander nor Bambi Blacks. Should be Bambi Black (no s)


Bit of background noise never hurt anyone

TheDOPDeity TheDOPDeity:

They should just be glad her dad isn't Matt Murdock

SystemsCheck SystemsCheck:

"I can still smell you!"

CarmanLand CarmanLand:

I wish my boyfriend made this much noise while fucking me, all I get is loud ass breathing in my ear

CarmanLand CarmanLand:

The Blind guys flinching at the beginning haha

sexsagi123 sexsagi123:


bakaonii bakaonii:

so the guy had bigger tits than the girl

loki240000 loki240000:

1:01Blind AF, still pats her head

Merritpp Merritpp:


Cockthrobbing Cockthrobbing:

Making fun of blind men. No better intro to a porn clip, obviously. wtf lol

Grouchy8oscar Grouchy8oscar:

Great scene, but who came up with the plot you guys are geniuses.thx for the great scene

Decafwol Decafwol:

That guy punches like a bitch

brattybbygirl brattybbygirl:

bro she got scoliosis?


those comments parasiting on the top ones should be banned

why-my-peepee-hard why-my-peepee-hard:

how the mf dad tap her head if he blind???

FilminCT FilminCT:

im 99% sure that that isnt aria alexander

unknown unknown:

Rompiendo el coño y el culo de mi prima

skityler skityler:

this ain't it cheif

woofo_mc_wooferton woofo_mc_wooferton:


DBL1337 DBL1337:

Yes, I love that they checked is dad blind yet.

ErdingerPikantus ErdingerPikantus:

this is despicable LOL

Notorious_Memer Notorious_Memer:

Thank god, he can see again. I was starting to wonder.

koreycool15 koreycool15:

biggballs5 biggballs5:

the actors names and pics dont match the ones in the scene.

unknovnsilva unknovnsilva:

Damn those are some great headphones

pigeonmccoy pigeonmccoy:


tbhiwannadie tbhiwannadie:

the dude was into it, he couldn't even speak

455lover 455lover:

Jesus is it like 9999 degrees in there? He sweaty af

EverythingLust EverythingLust:

This video was worth some klds

dixteryashh dixteryashh:

what tye fuck is that...a blind man can see or was he just blind for the sake of the video...

Araclan Araclan:

Morticia Addams, is that you?

funny78 funny78:

hot af

BigassD69 BigassD69:

Imagine how sad your life has to be to be a blind extra in a porn video...

warlover12 warlover12:

Holy moly, please tell me how do you call it when girls wear jeans like that or more videos where they wear jeans like that. Really love that it is so high and it gives great detail on her ass.

anotheragnostic anotheragnostic:

Making fun of a blind person is funny?

Qeuti Qeuti:

Hell yeah

RM7092 RM7092:

Even in jeans she looks amazing!

Dididididididuu Dididididididuu:

What is her name?

sexdudeaddict101 sexdudeaddict101:


HntaiJesus HntaiJesus:

why he sound like he saw everything at the end

Effy Grace Effy Grace:

girl is cute, plot could use some work

fadl4559 fadl4559:

cute pussy

Vanilla-Q Vanilla-Q:

I don't wanna be a boy, but I for some reason wish that for just one day, I had a dick. Ya know what I mean?

Omishawn Omishawn:

this guy is too loud. turn off enough to make me comment

Angie Munoz Angie Munoz:

Me pone caliente este video

ErdingerPikantus ErdingerPikantus:

is he deaf as well? or, you know, dead!?

LunitaLove LunitaLove:

Duno if good or bad... But this fantasy makes me wet i must say...

insight2010 insight2010:

Not good idea...

DigBick9001 DigBick9001:

Never knew Phil Swift became a pornstar...

chocolatejc chocolatejc:

She's hot, yes Yes

Luckville Luckville:

Did they not make the script in Braille? How did he not know they were fucking.

performanto performanto:

She is Bambi Black, not Bambi Blacks, a different actress.

drzal drzal:

He flinched

unknown unknown:

Funny how pornhub comment section is more friendly and civilized than YouTube or iFunny / FOLLOW ME

NeedleDicc NeedleDicc:

This is it chief

javadm69 javadm69:

جوووون هرکی کیر ۲۰ سانتی میخواد بیاد پی وی

cordawg99991 cordawg99991:

Anyone know who she is? Hot as fuck and she sure as shit isn't Bambi Blacks.

Squerra Squerra:

i came here for the thumbnail.. where is that scene

jbull14 jbull14:

Reminds me of Aria Alexander

pierces10 pierces10:

How bad you feel for being hired to pretend to be blind

NewHanzoMain NewHanzoMain:

Im glad his eyes are working again, good to see hes alright

alcohal12 alcohal12:

I can see again........ ooooops!.......dady....................its soo good....

hentailover369 hentailover369:

I feel like I've seen this girl before irl.

evaaajones evaaajones:

Lol haha

yungtortilla yungtortilla:

Sadbrains Sadbrains:

One second the phone is on the couch with the dad and the next second its not? WHAT THE FUCK

SauceBoss6969 SauceBoss6969:

He literally did all the work

T_N_T77 T_N_T77:

I think the actress is wrong. Who is this girl?

justdave22 justdave22:

Best blowjob ever -

WhiteWolf69s2 WhiteWolf69s2:

And boom the guy is sweating profusely pounding away

ris189 ris189:

Come on thats no way to treat your dad

Nanojaa Nanojaa:

Don't forget to watch the Nintendo direct today

derpderp43 derpderp43:

is this the proper tag for the girl?

Lider_90 Lider_90:

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Femenist Femenist:

This headphones are better then my gaming headphones.

shyguy25 shyguy25:

@TheSwedishWokie look at this and enjoy

E_M01 E_M01:

Anybody else think this is kinda wrong xD

whiteboymia whiteboymia:

Good shit

LottoWebster LottoWebster:

Nickthegreek98 Nickthegreek98:

Anyone to skype?I'm 20. Only girls.

Joeyjg Joeyjg:

So, is this some experimental treatment or were his eyes just dilated?

Olivia Lauren Olivia Lauren:

Check out my video

karlos_daddy karlos_daddy:

When he was gonna eat her out he looked to see if it was really a pussy lol

SluttyDiana SluttyDiana:

I love her hairs

meniem meniem:

Did anyone else feel bad for the old guy?

Mala17 Mala17:

the scenarios in this series just get wilder and wilder

bellyfetishlover bellyfetishlover:

At moment 5:45 he wanted to grap something but didn't work

ellai95 ellai95:

fake the old guy is not really blind! HAHAHHA

forestgump618 forestgump618:

That thumbnail lit got my going

Apollogize Apollogize:

Does anybody know the chicks name? It says she is Bambi blacks but it's broken as hell!

JayTWilson JayTWilson:

When I first read the title, I was like "Oh, they finally recognize that the parents are blind." Little did I realize, the character was actually blind...

showmewhatyouhave showmewhatyouhave:

Kyle is getting fitter and sexier with every film

LoneWholf LoneWholf:

I don't always leave comments on porn sites, but when I do it's cause the girl's a good fuck and I would dry her out good !

SemenSorceress SemenSorceress:

They paid a man to sit there whilst two actors fucked.... Why.

alexander4511 alexander4511:

This is what porn has become.


Guys how to kill celtic beast ???

nightlantern nightlantern:

Git guud

RyanK152 RyanK152:

Hi M add my kik girls only RiletK15

Michael Novey Michael Novey:

She looks like my ex... At least I don't miss her anymore

crazyydick007 crazyydick007:


Vecinita Vecinita:

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Vecinita Vecinita:

She's so tinder and beautiful fuck

ThiccBoyNick ThiccBoyNick:

Why tf would they stay in the living room, bitch go to the bedroom, guess it don’t matter with his deaf and blind ass there.

Edool Edool:

This is so cruel I just can't fap to this... :c

sandymuskaan sandymuskaan:

Beautiful girl

iGetEZDubs iGetEZDubs:

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filopek filopek:

He would feel the air movement when they waved at him

joshtr01 joshtr01:

shit acting, he flinches.

Anastasia9723 Anastasia9723:

1:36, the blind guy reacts to her "air-kick", lol!

BigdickTylr BigdickTylr:

Just uploaded some pictures of my dick, feel free to take a look

LacedwithViagra LacedwithViagra:

She looks she belongs in a Dr.Seuss movie

CatholicChild CatholicChild:

its like they don't even try


I love it wenn there is a story behind, to e


He’s deaf remember not blind

Arcade_Jackoff_Pro Arcade_Jackoff_Pro:

The fucked up thing is, the "Dad" is not blind and had to watch them fuck while they were filming.

DatFatSausage DatFatSausage:

This dad isnt just blind

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