Fucked My Virgin Teen Girlfriend For The First Time. Squirt Multiple Times

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IEatass512 IEatass512:

What the fuck has happened to your balls?

JessDown4973 JessDown4973:

Write me and we agree about everything

shrekmommy123 shrekmommy123:

lol ikr

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

someone's cock Fucks someone's pussy close-up...

kingdingaling443 kingdingaling443:

blond milf eating ass

billethekidd billethekidd:

dont know about him but my balls recede up and in me before ejaulation... gals tell me it makes my cock grow very noticeably too

thvckqv33n69 thvckqv33n69:

can someone please take my cherry already?

JPK6962 JPK6962:

Would be my honor

Iraqimaleforwest Iraqimaleforwest:

Let me take your pissy you so sweet

spartanGG spartanGG:

Lol I like how no guy has bombarded this post yet lol

Agent123233 Agent123233:

omg the balls dude ahahahah

KeeperOfTheReaper KeeperOfTheReaper:

not a virgin. first time hurts and there was no b***d. can't fool me

ArtMeDaddy ArtMeDaddy:

i was a cheerleader most of my school career. when i lost my virginity it didnt hurt at all. Was actually sorta nice.

woodyp woodyp:

You are both wrong Keeper of the Reaper and bibab3.

bibab3 bibab3:

there shouldn’t be any b***d.. that means you didn’t get her wet enough and didn’t stretch her enough before putting your dick in. ouch.

10day 10day:

also the hymen can break during normal activities such as riding a bike you dont have to fuck to break it

kane_126 kane_126:

why would you censor the word b***d?

drewfus69 drewfus69:

That's not how it works. Someone didn't take sex ed. The only time there's b***d is if she isn't in the mood and her pussy isn't turned on. THEN the hymen breaks.

KJ_Apa KJ_Apa:

Queue Ed Bassmaster“Would ya just look at that, just look at it”.

melvinfro melvinfro:

After getting fucked by that little dick she’s still a virgin.

juiccybabby juiccybabby:

I love her pussy

juiccybabby juiccybabby:


Kngcumz Kngcumz:

Can we see yours?

Spanishboy94 Spanishboy94:

really wet, i love that

CockWhore51 CockWhore51:

BUMMER, You should have posted a longer video. You should have included sliding Your Cock in Her Pussy Let use see you break her hyman, How many loads did you shoot in her??

unkobejo unkobejo:

They must be 13yo lmao. Way to get it tho

noughtyjutt noughtyjutt:


NotaNymph NotaNymph:

I didnt hear her moaning; couldnt get past first few seconds of the video due to small penis syndrome.

footman771 footman771:

Yeah, not a virgin, and she definitely pissing... but hot either way!

bloody7801 bloody7801:

Nice vid i cum i like your pussy

condomdick condomdick:

I like that cock, thats a good view of the fucking too! I would let you fuck me like that anytime!!

pewshu pewshu:

for a second i saw a thumb

bigbananna312 bigbananna312:

and that's piss it came out theother whole

bigbananna312 bigbananna312:

are your balls inside of you

JPK6962 JPK6962:

Both are hot too

JPK6962 JPK6962:

That was super hot!!!! My gf is jealous now

oliviauruchurtu oliviauruchurtu:

Love it...natural lub...tasty

loup1281 loup1281:

lucky girl !!!!!

KissMeLikeUMeanIt KissMeLikeUMeanIt:

So fucken hot

Bussarmory Bussarmory:


Darkfate66 Darkfate66:

Lets talk about how much of a ridiculous statement this title is. Yeah its clickbait obviously but come on. Virgin and squirting? You have to learn to squirt it isnt a natural thing.

spartanGG spartanGG:

Yes it is it’s a build up in the body of water and piss

AnnaXXXHot AnnaXXXHot:

Very nice

Denise521 Denise521:

lucky you damn

Nancy439 Nancy439:

i must say nice pussy

fallendgk fallendgk:

Damneverything Damneverything:

I absolutely love her sounds and her pussy

thottydicksucker thottydicksucker:

I love this. lol fuck his balls

Sadtimes98 Sadtimes98:


beccolen beccolen:


Babycity Babycity:

j'adore quand ca défonce grave

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