In-Home Massage Therapist fucked me hard

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Awesome vid - beautiful sexy woman

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Awesome video, love the back view!

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Oil my fav

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mmm, so much oil, i like it very much

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Damn she's fine!! Needs a guy who can last a lot longer than that.

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Pester - I would too but I'd keep going. ;-)

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I’d cum that fast if I was fucking carry

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That is not how you perform good-quality massage.

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My guy lasted a solid 45 seconds


My guy

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That happens

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Best video, ever.What a perfect body!

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Best comment ever )) kisses

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I’m happy u liked

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Haha okey

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Geeeez, those legs Carry...I love them !

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx hun :*

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All that oil and shinyness is incredible xx lots of love from this indian fan in Melbourne Australia

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Bobs and vagean

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ceponatia ceponatia:

Pornhub is teaching me that most guys give terrible massages

CarryLight CarryLight:

Guys, it’s amateur porn ))

matt2332 matt2332:

probably because all they do is lather the woman down in oil. they don't actually massage

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I need to ask my silly partner for something like wet right now

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"Fucked me hard" is a bold claim for a video in which the guy barely wiggles his dick around in her vagina before coming 15 seconds in.

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I need a new massage therapist...

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Oh yeaa

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OMG its fucking good

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mmmm thx

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I'd love to be fucked like she is

CarryLight CarryLight:

Who doesn’t hehe

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How tall are you?

CarryLight CarryLight:

Tall enough :Р

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Dude skipped leg day.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Don’t think so )

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Pretty sure I could see my own reflection, on her ass....through my computer screen....#BLESSED.

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Would love to do the same to you

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Wow Carry, insanely hot video!Your body is so hot and especially oiled up! I also would love to know which size your awesome breasts areKeep doingLove Patrick

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32B and thanks

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Very nice pussy and what a turn-on backside!

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Bad massage

Kate_Star Kate_Star:

You have a gorgeous body and a very beautiful chest!

Laomaai Laomaai:

love your ass

outofsync outofsync:

I'm not sure he's licensed.I'm also not sure she cares.

outofsync outofsync:

Hot vid though! Man what a booty lol

CarryLight CarryLight:

Lol that’s funny and true )))

NualaMontoya68 NualaMontoya68:

never seen ass that perfect like hers

CarryLight CarryLight:

Oh thank hats nice compliment

cherytitty cherytitty:

Amazing, just amazing

lilwhiteone lilwhiteone:

normally would say dude came mad fast...but respect for hitting that

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mm thx

TheNewVette TheNewVette:

psh that's not hard fucking LOL!!!

CarryLight CarryLight:


zhanghao321 zhanghao321:

that lags, omg

Loco loca Loco loca:

nice ass !

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Thx loco

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woooow amazing

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thank you Ryan

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I wish I could cum inside you !

CarryLight CarryLight:

Creampies my favorite

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Love your body and how you moan when cumming. So sexy!

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i can only picture how i would cum all over your sexy booty...

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks hun

Black_PC Black_PC:

that ass is a piece of HEAVEN. How I envy that 'therapist'!!!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Hehe thx hun :*

kyllekylle kyllekylle:

What an amazing body...God had you on his mind for sure.....very sexy

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mmm thx for Comment

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I have seen a lot of fine ass's, but this has got to be the best ass that I have ever seen.Just WOW! Left me paralyzed.Thank You!

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Carry, I can watch & cum to that majestic ass everyday. Plus seeing you enjoy everything you do is the biggest turn on !

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I would pay to get a massage like that!

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i would love to join you on that table

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mmmmm this was hot as Hell!!!

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Beautiful pussy.

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Holy shit this was one of the hottes vids I've watched lately!I know what I'm doing this Valentine's lol

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amazing video

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oh yeah yeah

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Mhmm you turned me on

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OMG her ass!!

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how fucking fast did he just come

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So sexy!

Rebecca413 Rebecca413:

this is the best massage ever

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... I'm the next cunt for the cock ;-)

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Wow raytracing looks good!

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Très jolie video!

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How could he leave her needing relief?

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so sexy

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Something makes me think he’s not really a misuse

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Oh, Yes, you're very sexy!

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Is this video using raytracing? Cause damn RTX looks good now

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Linna-Orlova Linna-Orlova:

mmmm AWESOME mmmm I want massage like that

Gothgirly69 Gothgirly69:

I don't blame him for cumming so fast. She's absolutely smoking hot

Gothgirly69 Gothgirly69:

Mmmm I need this

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very sexy video of very sexy woman.


And I want it, someday.

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Eat that ass!!

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chokemehardd chokemehardd:

The way he grabs her throat, oh my god i love it

whatsthatname whatsthatname:

Is that a perfect ass?

americanbabydoll americanbabydoll:

These aren't the droids we're looking for

SexyLadyUS SexyLadyUS:

mmm massage

Aldebortury Aldebortury:

Jesus these oiled up sneaky slow finger clips make me wet. Fark,

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for watching )

tc81420 tc81420:

great ass

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx hun

2CBheroine 2CBheroine:

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mollie_444444 mollie_444444:

god my pussy is dripping

CarryLight CarryLight:

Nice to hear it

TanyaMuse TanyaMuse:

Sensual video and massage)

Infor69 Infor69:

Wow this would sort me right out xx

AwkAvocado AwkAvocado:

So shiny

CarryLight CarryLight:

It’s oil ))

HymanHitman HymanHitman:

The warrior approves.

nicoleniceass nicoleniceass:

hot massage

CarryLight CarryLight:


bananuhslamma bananuhslamma:

That is what a perfect body looks like. ❤

CarryLight CarryLight:

Aww thanks hun

shevotedforobama shevotedforobama:

oh yeah yeah

lesbiansquirter87 lesbiansquirter87:

Awesome video

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for watching

Papi cruz Papi cruz:

Hope you like my new video (:

kalondial kalondial:

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

Really good angles. I liked this video a lot

prettykitty1010 prettykitty1010:

Where was the "hard" part?

prettykitty1010 prettykitty1010:

@CarryLight yeah... The "hard" part should definitely be removed from this video. Super misleading.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Face fuck. do not thank

smackedone smackedone:

Very very sexy, i like this!!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx dear

Darkangelxoxox Darkangelxoxox:

So hot

Magdelena Magdelena:

Wth did i just watch lol. Fucks you hard

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

pussy moa

TeaBetts TeaBetts:

so hot and perfect

Mia Plchik Mia Plchik:

Awesome hot video

Ninaloove Ninaloove:

Very Hot

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mm thx

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Yes please where can I book one of those massages

CarryLight CarryLight:

To late

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Fapfapsplat Fapfapsplat:

one heck of a masseuse.

toge_420 toge_420:

I wouldnt say he fucked you hard

CarryLight CarryLight:

Okey )

dinogatori dinogatori:

damn girl, can I join?

slutboy81 slutboy81:

her ass is almost as hot as my straight mates ass haaaaaa! and he has such a hot ass I organised a gang attack on him!

warchief696969 warchief696969:

OMG gurl.

soakinwettt soakinwettt:

I need a massage like this

CarryLight CarryLight:

Who doesn’t ))))

sexy-sarah-REAL sexy-sarah-REAL:


CarryLight CarryLight:

I know :Р

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unrealxXx unrealxXx:

Wow her body is perfect. Super sexy in every way. I don't think I'd ever leave the house if I had a girl like that.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Awww thanks

uncutmystery uncutmystery:

A massage with a happy ending for everybody.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Oh yeaa

MaxOfFewTrades MaxOfFewTrades:

Out of the 13 minutes theres only one where the therapist “fucks her hard”

jjunk100 jjunk100:

She has a beautiful body. Too bad your man couldn't make you cum. It drove me crazy that he kept stopping just when you were getting warmed up.

mamaTxxx mamaTxxx:

redbonelesbian redbonelesbian:

He's not an actual massage therapist. I can tell because his technique is sloppy and all over the place. After the first day of massage school students leave with better technique and form than that.

redbonelesbian redbonelesbian:

LOL, I'm sorry! I was distracted by the title, since it's my actual profession. So I momentarily forgot I was watching porn and paid more attention to the "massage"

CarryLight CarryLight:

Seriously? )))

lolly_lips lolly_lips:

I go to massage often and there was no such thing

CarryLight CarryLight:

I’m sorry to hear it )))

ZedFlanders ZedFlanders:

Wait... this isn’t Christian Mingle!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Nope )

dirtybob91 dirtybob91:

This is one of the better ones I've seen recently. Look at what happens starting about 13:40. Spoiler: he does end up releasing his built-up jizz, he didn't save it for next time.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Haha. Thx for watching hun

Lana Tuls Lana Tuls:

So hot throat fuck!

CarryLight CarryLight:

I’m glad u like it )

AurynAlexi AurynAlexi:

Could really use a massage like this omg

wickedpriest wickedpriest:

hahaha, he lasted all of two minutes inside her....

CarryLight CarryLight:

That happens

Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

Check out my perfect 18 year old pussy getting creampied

CarryLight CarryLight:

Maybe later

josh_236 josh_236:

your work of art oild up body is amazing!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thank you josh

awhoreslut awhoreslut:

I'm looking for a sugar daddy

CarryLight CarryLight:

Good luck

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

Mmm... sexy girl with a beautiful ass I would also like such a massage

CarryLight CarryLight:

I bet )))

merry25635 merry25635:

really amazing perfect body . thanks to carrylight

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks for watching :*

PornFilms21 PornFilms21:

Oh yeah yeah

EmperorRubbish EmperorRubbish:


kinkycouple4200 kinkycouple4200:

Sarah Stretch Sarah Stretch:

Very nice with the oil. I may try this lol

streetsize8point5 streetsize8point5:

suckitgoodbabe suckitgoodbabe:

Wow, great ass!

invisibleiam062 invisibleiam062:

Thats the most incredible ass i have ever seen.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks a lot. Im blushing hehe

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R5D5 R5D5:

Man he couldn't last long inside that greased up fun box

OneRandomNigga OneRandomNigga:


YouOnlyCumOnce YouOnlyCumOnce:

is this horror story? expecting to just get a massage but suddenly, a foot long sausage goes into your mouth and pussy

CarryLight CarryLight:


SmallCockSyndromee SmallCockSyndromee:

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CarryLight CarryLight:


AsrielDreemurr8 AsrielDreemurr8:

3:15 porn

hotfire77 hotfire77:

That's gotta the best job ever

riosummers riosummers:

my dream a fuck massage just like that

CarryLight CarryLight:

Easy dream

LickUrSquirt LickUrSquirt:

You have a gorgeous body Carry! I'd love to massage you!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks kisses

bemine250 bemine250:

Let down

Monasiasky Monasiasky:

That pussy is just perfect

CarryLight CarryLight:

Oh thx

feetsexsick feetsexsick:

I give nice foot jobs

CarryLight CarryLight:

Me too

Creative Girl Creative Girl:

I wish to find same massage place in Belfast

CarryLight CarryLight:

Good luck

iluvdapussy iluvdapussy:

your moaning got me hard af.. perfect body smh

SpooderDick10 SpooderDick10:

Add me every woman

RoboticPumpkin RoboticPumpkin:

That ass is unbelievable!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Oh thx

any9055 any9055:

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smokinhotman smokinhotman:

Face always cropped out of shot.

cardinal6er cardinal6er:

Beautiful ,magnificent body,great massage and fuck at the end,very sexy !

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for ur comment

Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

Watch my wet pussy get licked I promise your hard dick won’t regret it

centexcowboy centexcowboy:

I'm ready for ya darlin '

derbyday derbyday:

He may have a better body than I do, but he has no idea how to do a proper massage

CarryLight CarryLight:


WadeBC WadeBC:

Her body is amazing

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks )

kungfupanda22 kungfupanda22:

How do u drink water I forgot

CassAnderson CassAnderson:

I don’t. I drink coffee.

KcLoveit KcLoveit:

her pussy is gorgeous and his cock makes my mouth water

Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

Hi I’m new around here

ggooseluvr ggooseluvr:

Wow, she has an incredible body, and what a cum shot !!! HOTTT

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for watching

bubbleASSwhiteboi bubbleASSwhiteboi:

Such a hot video with a super hot girl!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thank you bubble

rewey ducky rewey ducky:

oil, it makes everything better.

CarryLight CarryLight:

I know)))

girlgonebad girlgonebad:

obvious gagging sounds NOT a turn on

CassAnderson CassAnderson:

I disagree.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Turn sound off lol

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Great massage

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thank you

centexcowboy centexcowboy:

I'd enjoy the opportunity to give you a similar massage ...

Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

Hi I’m new around here

ggooseluvr ggooseluvr:

Damn, that was super HOTTT !

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elobrune23 elobrune23:

vite un massage !! :p

lolly_lips lolly_lips:

not bad)

leomit leomit:

this excites you?

KittyBeGood KittyBeGood:

I would love to be oiled like that

CarryLight CarryLight:

I bet

Cat6376 Cat6376:

I fucking thought this was a mannequin

CarryLight CarryLight:

I’ll taje it as a compliment lol

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SpartanBatt69 SpartanBatt69:

Oh yeah yeah

Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

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NikkiTokes NikkiTokes:

Love the face fuck ❤

CarryLight CarryLight:

Me too

GoddessSpanky GoddessSpanky:

Damn. I need a back massage.....

CarryLight CarryLight:

Who doesn’t

BigDickRex181 BigDickRex181:


CarryLight CarryLight:

Bc it’s oily ))))

SpartHD SpartHD:

oh yeah yeah

Bad Couple Bad Couple:


craym craym:

Made my dick hard

CarryLight CarryLight:

Glad to know IT)))))

Brooklyn_BJ_Lover Brooklyn_BJ_Lover:

Bet his fingers were smelling fantastic after those first few minutes. Lucky lucky.

secretservis1 secretservis1:

hot video! very exciting going to masturbate

CarryLight CarryLight:


bombsaxx bombsaxx:

such a perfect tight hawt ass. carrylight just got a new fan.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Woohoo welcome

johnyninety johnyninety:

I love u i love u i love u

CarryLight CarryLight:

Nice to hear it

bigbhug bigbhug:

i love it

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx a lot

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what a incredible hot assss

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Aww thanks

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CassAnderson CassAnderson:

I buy van. Will pick up for test drive, address?

reviveron369 reviveron369:


CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx :*

bradbrainsxxx bradbrainsxxx:

That body, that ass, and that oil - fuck me, so hot

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for watching brad

shartburger123 shartburger123:

i litterally stopped jerking off, tried logging into my account, couldn’t remember my password, finally remembered my password, and followed the paper trail of how I got here from the home page just to say this:Really dude? You lasted less than one minute.

CarryLight CarryLight:

1 minute ?

Fodaasca Fodaasca:

SHe has very sexy body

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx hun

NoFace_No_Case NoFace_No_Case:


Blilciippe Blilciippe:

This is so hot

CarryLight CarryLight:


paulama paulama:

Carryligt do you want massage?

CarryLight CarryLight:

Just got it

paulama paulama:

Who want massage???

paulama paulama:

Right.but I real say

CarryLight CarryLight:

Everyone love massage


surfteo1975 surfteo1975:

ahh love to watch you all oiled up like that

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thank you Teo

SemenKing6662 SemenKing6662:

XXX on the beatin streak

SemenKing6662 SemenKing6662:

Thank you Kanye very nice

CarryLight CarryLight:


Dazzlar Dazzlar:

Wow, this video is so hot. It's made me so hard and horny

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mmm thanks hun... kisses

ollyc80 ollyc80:


CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks for watching

ollyc80 ollyc80:

Your ass is 10/10. but when it’s oiled holy shit

CarryLight CarryLight:

Haha thx I love oil in my ass too

Paparas79 Paparas79:

Awesome video... I miss watching your pretty feet get fucked

CarryLight CarryLight:

You can watch my foot fetish video once again

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx )

pilk83 pilk83:

One of your hottest videos yet! Love your two's role play

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks for watching

wookiespanker wookiespanker:

OMG, if I could oil you up and play with you, that would be the entire gift.

jamesrwight jamesrwight:

Amazing video Carry! I really liked the POV when your bf was fingering your ass. Your ass gets me every single time!

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thx for watching )

ibisrouge34 ibisrouge34:

Un beau et bon massage .....j'adore

subarooo subarooo:

Had me hooked at 4:30 damn

CarryLight CarryLight:


daemonfox daemonfox:

You are perfect! I've cum to this video so many times already.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Nice to hear it

floatingpoolnoodle floatingpoolnoodle:

my god what a beautifull body! Keep the video's cumming!

CarryLight CarryLight:

glad u like

Ginger Ale Ginger Ale:

Mmm, your oily body looks so incredible!

adolphus67 adolphus67:

Cricky   Carry  -   affectionate  winks  for   another  Supreme  clip  of  Erotic  Wonder.  Magnificent  Massage   Masterpiece  of which  my  tongue  will  never  be found  again  -hhhhhaaa.   My  buttons  clicked   Carry  oooooooo   yeaahh

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks for your comments

Tahony Tahony:

I havent seen a vid of yours in a while, i forgot how hot you are 3

User15151 User15151:

O.O She is the definition of "A Perfect Body"

CarryLight CarryLight:

Nice to hear it

Mark199517125 Mark199517125:

Замечательное видео


Your ass oiled up willl always catch my attention! My cum shots go all over the place watching your oiled up ass go up and down

CarryLight CarryLight:

Mmmm thx for watching

k271828 k271828:

Carry's perfect, naked body on a table getting covered in oil while her man expertly takes care of her pussy: what's not to like? There's definitely plenty to love. Thank you, Carry.

CarryLight CarryLight:

Thanks so much K

Jetboy10 Jetboy10:


paulo39 paulo39:

very sweet, perfects tits and horny body......Carry I loved fuck a best girl

grassphoto13 grassphoto13:

Thats one hell of a massage!

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