Stepson Creampies StepMom POV - Meana Wolf - I got my MILF pregnant

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Meana Wolf Meana Wolf:

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No added fantasies on my side but a simple compliment: after years of use this is my favourite video. Your acting talents are phenomenal, your ability to steer the story perfectly. AND then you manage to make it sexy, very well done.

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TheComicBookGuy TheComicBookGuy:

Your video is titled with "stepson/stepmom" but you're actually acting as the biological mother. The fact that you're acting as the biological mom that wants to get impregnated by her biological son is disgusting and weird...even for PornHub.

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funtime882 funtime882:

love you vids Miss idea- after a long night out drinking you come home and one of your girlfriends call you on the phone talking about you "step brother, brother, step son, whomever..." and after them telling you all this stuff and still being half drunk you start thinking about what they were saying so you decide to find out yourself. I'm sure you can figure out the rest

ADude42 ADude42:

I always thought it would be kind of hot to fuck a stepsister. If I had one that is.

Vale723 Vale723:

If the guy she was on the phone with was the son's step dad... That means that is his real mother ..

Sophia Bellini Sophia Bellini:

Of course!

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Pornhub changes mom into stepmom automatically.

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she said "i was very very young when i had you"

ZGular ZGular:

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RoyDovator RoyDovator:

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Andre_786 Andre_786:

was about to say the samething, script needs a little work

quadey38 quadey38:

She also said she got preg with him

skinny__penis420 skinny__penis420:

*realises that’s his real mom*Wait... that’s illegal

hozuwi5 hozuwi5:

yep, pornhub changes Mom to StepMom automatically

shomdomdoobily shomdomdoobily:

I like the pulp fiction poster

Walfa009 Walfa009:

Wait right there! If she's 32 and the son is 18 that means she got pregnant when she was 14... That's deep...

Whiskey12345 Whiskey12345:

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yourmemedealer yourmemedealer:

I don’t get the relationship between the two. Is she the real mother or the step mom. Because the title says step mom but in the video she says she got off the phone with her step dad. Which will put her in the position of the real mother UNLESS the guys real father got in a divorce and she somehow took custody of him despite that he is 18. However, she mentions that she remembers when she had him which has to make her the real mom. So I am extremely confused in this video

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unng, eye roll, this is so gross, still don't get this fetish. sucks theres so many like this that i actually have to watch the intro to discern whether I'm going to jack it to something totally fucked up (this) or something just highly questionable (actual step-)


Спасибо очень красиво)

zahcfhv zahcfhv:

Of course it's not real mom and son. It's just role-play

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kx7e kx7e:

this is so fucked please stop talking about giving birth

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Celorei Celorei:

No joke, her acting is good, as surprising as it might be coming from a porn

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She says that she wants to get pregnant by him, he would be the daddy not a step brother like she keeps saying. Is she supposed to be his mom or step mom? The script wording that she is saying is confusing. But Meana is so hot. This is the first video I have see of Meana and I am very glad I found it.

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