Sweet tiny girl takes rough treatment from her daddy

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qpmonoqp qpmonoqp:

Ruin from bo4

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

beautiful big Tits!

naesnotions naesnotions:

And now this is what I'll be thinking about nect time I turn on my PS4

Dolly and Daddy Dolly and Daddy:

Holy shit lmaooo

bigbottomup bigbottomup:

This is what i call female friendly porn! I love it. Sir, you are outstanding!

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

princeyes princeyes:

finally some good porn for us girls

FelixRaven FelixRaven:


carameldaddy69 carameldaddy69:

Mmmm I just want to manhandle you and shove my cock in between those pretty little lips.

kinkyballer12 kinkyballer12:

This is So hot! Favourite video. I definitely need a man to treat me like this

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

hornydodson hornydodson:

I will

RealBobbyShmurda RealBobbyShmurda:

Aye bruh I ain't even do nothing

bigbottomup bigbottomup:

Ok, i can't stop watching this, i need help! =D Every second is just perfect. Sir, you are the best Daddy in the world!!

FelixRaven FelixRaven:

Ignore her

blackeyedealist blackeyedealist:

I’m watching it for the fifth time today lol. It’s wonderful. 3

DaddysGirl55555 DaddysGirl55555:

Very hot. And I like that I can hear Daddy talking, it's a super enticing element left out by so many. I would like to see a little smacking of her tits, they usually need some punishment too.

SitOnMyFacePlease6 SitOnMyFacePlease6:

Smacking titties and watching them bounce is great

ChubbyCookie ChubbyCookie:

If Elder Maxson did porn, this is what I'd imagine it would look like.

AltGirl13 AltGirl13:

Dude yes

ayyye_lmao ayyye_lmao:

Oh god now you got me thinking about that

sexzachary sexzachary:

at least her dad is still around

thetransudo121 thetransudo121:

Feminism at it's finest

Brokenpigeon Brokenpigeon:

beautiful video :o those perfect tits mixed with thatbeautiful crying has me aching. not to mention that sexy as fuck man.

75anjel 75anjel:

beautiful! Now the babygirl needs some serious throatabuse and faceslapping!

cuteboyyy25 cuteboyyy25:

the best video ever and best daddy in the world damn

bigbottomup bigbottomup:

where ever i go, you already have been there =D 3

mommydom69 mommydom69:

I really hope he did aftercare on her later.

Dolly and Daddy Dolly and Daddy:

Definitely plz watch our vid “daddy’s girl gets an attitude adjustment “ it show a lot of our aftercare, but I’m so glad people are thinking about it since this lifestyle is based in Love and Trust above all else

dia-green-eyes dia-green-eyes:

omg this is everything I ever wanted from a daddy, goddamn

hornydodson hornydodson:

I'll be this for u

Wichsgurke420 Wichsgurke420:

fuckin hot! I loved it. a second cam with an closer view would be very amazing. keep fucking u two hot angel!

mineymoeftw mineymoeftw:

Bro please quit looking at the camera. If you're worried about the shot just set up more than one camera.

Morrigu69 Morrigu69:

Shut up, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Don't you realise that they are sharing with us? Maybe you don’t appreciate that touch, but trust me, many of us do

kittenkitty062517 kittenkitty062517:

I want dominatd like this .. fuck

kattygirl53 kattygirl53:

The way he moves when he cums I was drooling

smack_08990 smack_08990:

her body is just a beautiful curvy dream.

markryan28 markryan28:

I don't remember seeing Mr. Grey do this.....

SissyBoy94 SissyBoy94:

Dam, hot as fuck

JohnTheBonnSmith JohnTheBonnSmith:

I think you both should consider trying a scene where Dolly demonstrates her devotion to daddy by kneeling naked before him while he pisses on her, claiming her with his shower, and her engaging in the ultimate ritual of devotion by sipping from him while he does. This would be so hot! Try it?

Drefuss Drefuss:

There is nothing like the love between a man and his daughter. And this is nothing like the love between a man and his daughter.

Garydaddy1 Garydaddy1:

Ok that was sick you should not have a daughter. This is just a title.

Dolly and Daddy Dolly and Daddy:

This is Daddy and don’t worry she’s only my step daughter

silenttt13 silenttt13:

i want a girl that like this

sweetcunt27 sweetcunt27:

I made an account specifically for this video. So hot thank you. Hard to find something specifically for women

Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams:

Super sexy Daddy!

Boobs Ross Boobs Ross:


Yessica Castro Yessica Castro:

Totally hot

AltGirl13 AltGirl13:

Seriously one of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen, and I’m not easy to impress

DaddieBunnie DaddieBunnie:


OliverxWilde OliverxWilde:

*Notes taken.

OmarTheThick OmarTheThick:

Uhhh what in the world did I just watch?! He has some serious alpha male vibes going on!

analWimp analWimp:

Not quite sure why I’m so turned up... but I’m dripping ...

siirena siirena:

By far the hottest video I've came acrossed, can't wait to share it with my husband to give him ideas! I need more of this in my life!!!

kattygirl53 kattygirl53:

My goodness yes please tie me up and use me

cakess cakess:

Anyone recommend a good boner pill?

xorbxorb xorbxorb:

I want to dom a girl like this, super hot!

tara2k13 tara2k13:

Cannot stop watching this, makes me come super quick everytimes

tara2k13 tara2k13:

This was perfection... I wish someone would treat me like that, my partners a pussy lol Only thing that I’d like to see a bit more of is a bit of choking and slapping of the titties


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gymmum4fun gymmum4fun:

OMG yes daddy! Breed me!

swbirds swbirds:

couldve gone harder

RedHead_Geek_Queen RedHead_Geek_Queen:

Ok I love the porn but, I thought that he looked like tazerface from gardians of the galaxy two. No offense.

seaslut seaslut:

God damn I'd love to call him daddy

DahliaAureo DahliaAureo:

This is actually perfect

CaptainFapSparrow CaptainFapSparrow:

Guy looks like the doctor from Mad Max Fury Road, no disrespect.

unknown unknown:

Hot video. She has amazing tits. That's how you treat a bitch.

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

Love watching him work

dackcocksucker dackcocksucker:

Damn I need someone like him in my life lol

Miss_Behaven Miss_Behaven:

omg why can't i find anyone to do me like this!!!

CurveyBirdy CurveyBirdy:

Where have all the good men gone? I neeeed this.

hornyandwideopen hornyandwideopen:

I've been a very bad girl Daddy, I need discipline!

chevycresser31 chevycresser31:

Damn she knows how to arch her back...looks like she’s had proper training

Nzwhore Nzwhore:

Someone treat me like this I love it

SissyBoyPrincess SissyBoyPrincess:

this is a real daddy

kharp1983 kharp1983:

Finally a guy that knows how to fuck us

Misty2i8 Misty2i8:

I watch them every single time I wanna cum

M-kay M-kay:

Aw, that bulbasaur. I got one too. Oh, and amazing vid. I need that treatment too

imfurrytrash imfurrytrash:

I love him, where aCan I buy 20?

naesnotions naesnotions:

This is exactly what I need

carameldaddy69 carameldaddy69:

I'm daddy just the same...hmu Lady's lets get our fuck on

Rare-Princess Rare-Princess:

I wish i had a daddy like him

carameldaddy69 carameldaddy69:

Mmmm I just want to manhandle you and shove my cock in between those pretty little lips.

chokeme1994 chokeme1994:

PLEAAAAAAAASE someone fuck me like that already

bbbop bbbop:

Jesus. What a fucking foxy man. I need this treatment.



TemmieTheLittle TemmieTheLittle:

I wish I had a daddy To treat me like this ~

Piassecret Piassecret:

I'm soooo wet! This is so hot !!

DaddysLittleFoxie DaddysLittleFoxie:

Omg, thank you for this! Lucky girl!

blackeyedealist blackeyedealist:

Can this Daddy be rented out? To me? Forever? This is the hottest video ever.

monsieurunivers2 monsieurunivers2:

fantastic, amazing guy

shaliniperera shaliniperera:

love it !

Edem87 Edem87:

omg, never seen hot vid befor like this, girl is amazing

Succubus Sin Succubus Sin:


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