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can i get a legit check on the guys supreme gucci box logo tee

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Am I the only one who thinks this guy kinda looks like Lip from the show Shameless.

teilzeitbabe teilzeitbabe:

only reason im watching it. lip is fucking hot

LockeLamora678 LockeLamora678:

Only reason I clicked on the video lol

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How dare you insult Lip like that

MamiJune MamiJune:

if it was lip id be so horny rn

Well_Made Well_Made:

Bahahaha, you're totally right!

MartinGary MartinGary:

Maybe a little, but douchier

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JosephTributes JosephTributes:

me lol

patrickisamoron patrickisamoron:

This douche could be a justice on the Supreme Court one day.

RobertMueller RobertMueller:

Over my dead body!

profquad profquad:

logged in to upvote

Sophia Bellini Sophia Bellini:

I dont know what this mean but i love this video

Bambi Araki Bambi Araki:


martcum martcum:

If we're lucky. As long as it's not some snowflake!

TrevorSmooth TrevorSmooth:

At least it’ll make for an interesting senate hearing if they play this clip...

bigdaddy173878 bigdaddy173878:

I can't take this Camara man seriously he is fucking funny you really gonna leave me In the dust back here

maleojpg maleojpg:

The dude s foot at 02:09

scott882009 scott882009:

Crooked overlapping toes! He need's a toe-o-dontist to straighten those things out!

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@WeeZoD r/wooooosssshhhhh

WeeZoD WeeZoD:

Lmfao. Why the fuck would she need a black nigga? Why would anyone need a black nigga? You racists need to get your insecurities in check...

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lmao best comment ive seen since ive been on here

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05:11-05:14 mmmm his precum on pants! I love this! More! ;-)

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We just gonna ignore the fact that this nigga has a $1000+ Supreme shirt on in the first scene?

FloppyAndMoist FloppyAndMoist:

girls name?

rockincock93 rockincock93:

His hairy asshole ruins it for me.

theladnew theladnew:

It’s really sad seeing young dumb colleges student doing porn. That’s someone’s daughter

forukninja forukninja:

You're the guy reporting videos on this site for nudity aren't you?

Lou_Suffer Lou_Suffer:

Every girl is someone's daughter. I'm somone's daughter. So what?

wandabarr wandabarr:

This channel sounds like something Mac would come up with on It's Always Sunny

mohassan99 mohassan99:

I can't be the only guy asking who this girl is. Who is it? Hot AF. Latina morenas any day.

lattare lattare:

who is she?

xvf200 xvf200:

He's so hot

Obeezy11 Obeezy11:

Is that lip from shameless? Lol

dong87452 dong87452:

name of girl pls

bb77384 bb77384:

Name of move a 9:37

kadaras907 kadaras907:

His pornstar name should be the flash

cockcodrile cockcodrile:

I understood that reference, his hair looks like impulse from #smallville

CashVillain CashVillain:

the problem with watching porn geared towards women is that the camera always pans to the guy's ass smh

DinkDink DinkDink:

She's hot and I wish there was more of her pussy here. Gonna go look her up. But damn, dude has a nice dick. I'd do a threesome with them.

BigYetiTime BigYetiTime:

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

KittyBeGood KittyBeGood:

She's hot af

isacpipa isacpipa:

fake mia khalifa

mothers_milk mothers_milk:

quality effort!

AML1990 AML1990:

Love when a guy spends time on a girl first. She's quite a joy ride tho!

MrYo531 MrYo531:

Latinas are the best

ivygirl22 ivygirl22:

frat star shit aside.. this guy's thick cock is making me so fucking wet.

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Goddamn that girl is fine af

Porkness Porkness:

Imagine working long hours to help out your daughter through college and she ends up on pornhub. Never plan on having a daughter

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Hahah I know this douchebag, frat dropped him in norcal. Never president of shit.

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The camera man sounds like raccooneggs

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no he doesn't


who is she

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putita barata.

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Both have a lot to learn. Camera man is a fiasco too.And AmelieLBJ...clearly you don't know what a good fuck is!!!

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Well, apparently size doesn't matter after all.

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His ass too hairy

yomamahama yomamahama:

Vanessa Ortiz & Trent Herman are the actors if y'all were wondering

makayla339 makayla339:

I want to be next please

canukillme canukillme:

this is too cringy

wickedjr12 wickedjr12:

Anyone know the full video or the pornstars names???

slut_fairy slut_fairy:

Mhmm. choke me just like that Daddy....

Irishmanfromhell00 Irishmanfromhell00:

When he said what was your favorite part I started laughing lol

MelodyRae MelodyRae:

Assand225 Assand225:

Camera guy is kind of a creep

Nikii47 Nikii47:

very well done

poolnoodles poolnoodles:

Why is he thicker than her??

What I Need What I Need:

Amazing blowjob

Danibigs Danibigs:

nice couple!

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cutenhette4real cutenhette4real:

hmm not really a fan of gay guys acting straight.

EtikaNewsNetwork EtikaNewsNetwork:

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I love her

bauoubengal bauoubengal:

good amateur fuck flick

mtburrito23 mtburrito23:

Anyone know the girls name?

mtburrito23 mtburrito23:

Anyone know the girls name?

girlgonebad girlgonebad:

news alert: he ain't that hot

Bigworm31 Bigworm31:

Wait....I legit fucked this girl like a year ago. How long she been in porn!? That’s lit lol

That1russguy That1russguy:

girls name??

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Her feet look so yummy

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ilovetoeatpussy626 ilovetoeatpussy626:

I need to see the video in the intro video where she lifts herself to orgasm

ThatOneDude000 ThatOneDude000:

Anyone got a name for this chick?

unik_90 unik_90:

 you really gonna leave me In the dust back here

GenjiShim26 GenjiShim26:

notoriousVAG notoriousVAG:

meh. this was average at best.

secretservis1 secretservis1:

Very hot video! I like!

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She's cute like God damn

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What’s her name?????

Imanorangecat Imanorangecat:

Camera guy is funny but needs to work on the angles


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Look like he still wearing boxers

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Eduardbroun Eduardbroun:

His name anybody?

lilascheine lilascheine:

guy fucked her good. i hate it that in ph comments there are so many jealous men who want to point out every mistake the guy makes. but the girl is always perfect, just because of her looks smh

BabyGirIie BabyGirIie:


lovesmooth1 lovesmooth1:

thick as fuck meat on this guy

mk121698 mk121698:

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He reacts the same way my windshield wipers do when I hit the lever too fast.

samuelkein samuelkein:

Who is she

MehofferJackson MehofferJackson:

lmao dude is hilarious

toohazey toohazey:

He has autism?

RedH00d RedH00d:

So who is she?

RedH00d RedH00d:

Oh nevermind, someone said who she was before.. Vanessa Ortiz

Wonder Twins Wonder Twins:

Hot stuff, I love a girl who squeals. Come watch my wife squeal.

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str8boysnmen str8boysnmen:

fap2it fap2it:

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I ain’t gay but he has a nice cock

gymmum4fun gymmum4fun:

damn yes! i need that young hunk to bang my brains out!

gooddick4ya gooddick4ya:

cum shot or nah?

balls_deep_928 balls_deep_928:

Hot vid.

Ian_175 Ian_175:


Screw_Luv69 Screw_Luv69:

whats the girls name in the intro at 0:24 ? please anyone lol

ShiTZu69 ShiTZu69:

that intro tho

WillCosby WillCosby:

She's sexy as fuck but she couldn't stand this dude lol. She talks shit about how he's short when he asks what she thought about him when she first saw him then as soon as they're done fucking she tries to run to the shower and he followed her in! Lol! Clearly he was the only one who enjoyed it. Not to mention this dude just busts his nut in his condom inside her mid fuck instead of pulling out first.

ohboyohrandom ohboyohrandom:

Worst filming.

Savannah Montana Savannah Montana:

I want that huge dick in my pussy

paulbrooklyn22 paulbrooklyn22:

She is unbelievably sexy.

Lou_Suffer Lou_Suffer:

He ate her out for a solid 20 seconds, then fucked her for 3:33 minutes; Yes, I counted. He's more of a bitch than she is

Talon7418 Talon7418:


st_dot_elsewhere2 st_dot_elsewhere2:

I so love Latina women--especially this one.

keemboo keemboo:

I mean I could done a better job just saying

thickbig18 thickbig18:

I want to fuck her

RamseyBolton RamseyBolton:

Hé got dirty feet up

FantasyCreampies FantasyCreampies:

I'd creampie her pussy

JS92259 JS92259:

Fuck. Why couldn't this dude be the president of my frat when I was in college?

gymtanlaundrybaby gymtanlaundrybaby:

Ew the head pushing... typical of a frat boy lol

BigGreen069 BigGreen069:

We got Lightning McQueen over here

Konatokek Konatokek:

Is there another video of her anywhere?

zodiacalculus zodiacalculus:

I like Hot Guys Fuck but why is every single man in this channel so smooth and muscley? Can you not find some hairy non-muscley guys for once? This really disappoints me because I'm not into muscles and I love hairy!

blizzy82 blizzy82:

Who taught this boy how to fuck?

asdf2we3 asdf2we3:

she is fucking hot

DaMaid DaMaid:

I would totally be a volunteer girl ... if I was hot enough..? Maybe? Lol.

aapw4 aapw4:

What's wrong with his toes

kinkykenz7 kinkykenz7:

This...was :/

myerstx myerstx:

Somebody, anybody... find this girl and tell her I’m in love!

slaatt slaatt:

damn she’s attractive af

Big_dick_guy5 Big_dick_guy5:

she's so fucking sexy

BasedGud BasedGud:

another great video

3729abc 3729abc:


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