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fsame thing i was thinking thought this would have been a good vid but its not. Its really hard to watch seeing how she wants him to go slower and the young ass is going harder and he CANT FUck anyways.

everfitte everfitte:

Okay, yes. if the girl gives you the comment it feeld good, keep going. But in here i saw she was in pain and kept going because she was on camera... At least thats what i think. But yeah, if you keep going slow for a minute and she tells you its fine, go for it.

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Well he said he would pipe her down lol Now she never going back to a white man lmao look at her face at the end. Mission completed

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This dude stupid... Like she kept pushing him away and asking him to slow down. Dude, you got a huge dick, but that doesn't mean you have to BE one.

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coveski666 coveski666:

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emotionalfucker emotionalfucker:

Yeah. Slightly. I know he’s black and the stigma is he’s huge but honestly he wasn’t an elephant. Unless she was a virgin that was way over dramaticized

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and here you can see an ape reproducing

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And here you can see the decay of our society. Wake up fucboi, it’s 2019

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She's super hot and they do have some kind of chemistry but he should really learn to pay attention to her as they fuck. He's very obviously hurting the shit out of her for most of the video.

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Who is she? Anyone knows what's her name?

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He is so fine

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18/19 is legal and still “teen”

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Teen in porn is mostly 21+ cause its illegal some places otherwise. You can't expect under 18 thats for sure. You are on the wrong site if you do. Pornhub is soo big as a brand that they would have the cops knocking at the door if they allowed real teen porn here.

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She was so in pain at first it was hella cringey. I had to stop watching my ovaries started hurting lol or the equivalent to a boner kill, fellas.

emotionalfucker emotionalfucker:

I think it was massively over-played. He’s decent sized but not a monster.

homeboy248 homeboy248:

Her screaming is a distraction,the rest looks good.

Klaus2100 Klaus2100:

Girls Name????? Thx

ericwood69 ericwood69:

She’s terrible.. so annoying

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I bet that chick regretted her decision of joining porn after this

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BBC to the people!

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Some of her moaning straight up sounded like a lorry beeping it’s horn ngl

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The best!!!

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Sam Wilkins Sam Wilkins:

I feel badly for her.

TheMeme TheMeme:

whats the girls name?????


I thought this guy had a BBC? Click bait.

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cornchulio cornchulio:

more piper pls

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¿Como se llama?

AsianDude6 AsianDude6:

Damn that was hot, I erupted like 3 times 8======== ~~~~~~~~`,

TheAmazingMrFox TheAmazingMrFox:

who else can only watch this on mute? Screamers can be an earful sometimes

Mhael Mhael:

Is that Low Tier God?

bigdawgbusta bigdawgbusta:

Anyone know her name?

Bolliwagl Bolliwagl:

Do any of you realize that she's telling because it hurts? Watch her pushing him away at the beginning and then after she starts getting worse and saying to slow down it cuts away to a different shot.

Tobyme28 Tobyme28:

omg they are having sex!!

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what the fuck? this is why i can't stand teens."i can take a big dick...stfu!" then proceeds to squeal like a ** y**r o*d. couldn't even get hard.

kaorurstx kaorurstx:

name girl

LeoboiiMNF LeoboiiMNF:

Why does hotspots are doing regular waves?Is it a bug or people actually see the same little parts of the video?

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jerk2porn jerk2porn:

who is she?

BlondeDaisy19 BlondeDaisy19:

amateur turns me on bad....mmm

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Triter208 Triter208:

at 0:11 what is this video? I've been trying to find it for ages.

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Her over exaggerated screaming just killed my boner

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tenthtry tenthtry:

Adorable, lovely woman. Pretty hot.

Hustle4MeHustle Hustle4MeHustle:

the fact he didnt eat her pussy annoyed me.

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That looked painful for her

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sophia718 sophia718:

Omg who is that guy!!!! I want him!!!

PornAccount1016 PornAccount1016:

I was starting to feel bad until she said, "don't stop." I hope Piper Madison does more work. I feel like this site is definitely more for bisexuals since there's more focus on the guy's body, which I wasn't into. It's interesting that this website is kind of promoting men and women with equal importance, so I guess it's good for the guy's career, but all their models seem like total amateurs. This looks like it was made 10 years ago, but this was released on December 2018!

choice17 choice17:

damn they both hot

bbwbitch1 bbwbitch1:

I love black dick so much omg

theinvandre243 theinvandre243:

da fuck you looking at nigga? Keep scroling

johnjohn4509 johnjohn4509:

Dam why the fuck won’t she stfu dam could have woke up the whole neighborhood.

big_bootybabe big_bootybabe:

gimme someone with that fucking energy!!!! "move yo hand baby" ima be like "yes papi"

logzy8 logzy8:

Wish this was me :/

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

Really enjoyed it huh?

fitheathens fitheathens:

Chocolate cock makes me so wet

Angelak714 Angelak714:

Piper Madison

LoveUBaby333 LoveUBaby333:


Huge tits steph Huge tits steph:


lovepigs lovepigs:

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loved her reaction when that big black dick got shoved in her tiny little twat.

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OrgaSMslut OrgaSMslut:

Hmmm! Fuck that girl!

GrimeyGrinder GrimeyGrinder:

Models are hot. But where’s the directing? What about a simple script? The theme is hot guys fuck, how about some hot guy worshipping? Lots of room for improvement with this series. Has a lot of potential but your not putting the work. It’s just sex on camera.

HotDesirae HotDesirae:

Mmm Damn so fuckin yummy, so luv me some BBC

chubbyslut1999 chubbyslut1999:

Hate the way she moans, love the way he fucks

Mateo1881 Mateo1881:

Her name?

FinTheGod FinTheGod:

This video inspired the prank moaning video this bitch to dam loud

Vegeta_99 Vegeta_99:

She's damn pretty!

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MetaphysicalMemes MetaphysicalMemes:

She's cute as fuck holy shit

Docktore Docktore:

Bro, stop ZOOMING IN ON HIS 6-PACK. Fucking hell. I stopped and waited for the next frame to continue, miss me with that gay shit.

bbc14x bbc14x:

lolanda aint gonna like this vid

GoldCaviar GoldCaviar:

That guy is hot. Didn’t care for the girl, I’d rather see him fucking a thick bitch.

dbd383 dbd383:

I love this girl! I need more of her!!!!!

mariee1 mariee1:

omg what is give to have a fuck like that

yuckymomo yuckymomo:

Who is she

douwd20 douwd20:

Would have been so much better if his beautiful BBC wasn't wrapped up.

SparklyWaterfalls SparklyWaterfalls:

Made me cum so hard

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Looks like my fun. She made me cum hard

secret1166 secret1166:

She may hated the pain first but loved the black stallion at the end even more that he's more rough to her.

JasmineRider JasmineRider:

This might be one of my fave hot guys videos ever. It almost feels too intimate for me to watch, like they're not just fucking for the camera they really are into each other. Love the way he fucks too, esp doggy. Can I be next?

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shibbyy shibbyy:

This chick needs to have a better video out there. Doubt its aria lee or piper madison... Hard to fap to this video as a straight guy when the camera man is focused on the guy, but thats kind of what to expect from the source.

biasonz biasonz:

if we start from the fact that a girl can’t make only one porn video in her entire life, i demand her name to see more of her fucking and screaming.

stevencunningham92 stevencunningham92:

'You can tell it was painful taking such a big dick. Girls do the same when I enter them.

CherryDrip CherryDrip:

Thotiana666 Thotiana666:

Why she sound like a damn goose? She clearly can’t take the dick she’s pushing him away

Killdickbomb Killdickbomb:

What girls play fortnite on here ?

Asiancock124 Asiancock124:

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fazeghostcamo fazeghostcamo:

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Link to the foursome at the beginning?

Beretryn Beretryn:

Damn I look like this guy then why I don't have some girl as beautiful?!Well ok I'm a little bit more fat than him

CosmicPurple CosmicPurple:

Damn, nice body shape!

CinderPH CinderPH:

That's how slave trade works

asallec asallec:

Its not cool when your too enthusiastic. Dude needs to slow down

JuicyNiqueNY JuicyNiqueNY:

It doesn't matter he's HOT!!

MojoMike27 MojoMike27:

and the winner for soundtrack of the year is.....

headrn headrn:

vegas locals hmu (:

alexsexyboyGR alexsexyboyGR:

Amazing girl

samsmith18 samsmith18:

Whats her name

DaRealFinchMeister DaRealFinchMeister:

That girl has a lovely petit pussy. I can even feel those tight walls through this damn video lmao

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SwatTheTwat SwatTheTwat:

Girls name ?

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

“ first white thottie” LOL congrats?

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NikkiTokes NikkiTokes:

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Chinala1 Chinala1:

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marsden86 marsden86:

I don't think these two have had sex before based on her body language and what she says early on, mainly saying "Easy!" and trying to push him back a bit with her hand. He was killing her (which isn't good in my view).

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MeganHeat MeganHeat:

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CorruptfuI CorruptfuI:

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dabigmoist69 dabigmoist69:

Interesting cinematography.

WangChung101 WangChung101:

who is she?

WangChung101 WangChung101:

who's the girl at :22?

username325 username325:

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I wanna se how my wife fuck with black guy

themask_69 themask_69:

What is her name? Don't care about the dude...

hacercalor hacercalor:

nice scene. lose the condom and it would have been perfect

Austrianstyle Austrianstyle:

Where is the BBC?

TumblrFailedMe TumblrFailedMe:

She sounds like a squeak toy on Sims 4

AZstoner710 AZstoner710:

God I wish a white girl would fuck me

gangcry gangcry:

That’s hot

username1503 username1503:

They're cute together

EnYolly EnYolly:

pornmaster0000 pornmaster0000:

Typical fag. Has to jerk himself off for 10 mins so he can cum. A pussy cant do it for him. Embarrassing.

pornmaster0000 pornmaster0000:

She looks high as fuck. Probably on cocaine like most of them are anyway.

fegeleinn fegeleinn:

Hot guys fuck? like a hot wheels?

DigBick966969 DigBick966969:

Why don’t the girls finish them off?

tgurlraw tgurlraw:

Ohmy can he fuck me next

Christoffloveit Christoffloveit:

who is this young guy? He is good and sexy

pnwuk pnwuk:

Stunning lad

seventyhundreds seventyhundreds:

what's the girl's name

Marta786 Marta786:

awesome vid thanks

bh_1220 bh_1220:

Doubt that’s his first white slut the way niggas be nowadays but anyway lol decent vid

RosyPosie RosyPosie:


M-E-U-S-E M-E-U-S-E:

Yo this video is definitely not for men... the cameraman zooming all over the dude definitely killed it.

biguy2376 biguy2376:

He’s fucking fine

BBC_luvs_PYTpawg BBC_luvs_PYTpawg:

She cant take bbc

Ispenz23 Ispenz23:

The first 30 seconds just made me cum so hard I hit my face

cokecoockiee cokecoockiee:

this guy sux

Annie560 Annie560:

what do you guys think about this video?

kreeder2003 kreeder2003:

big hot cock with nice yummy cream wish i could have enjoyed as well

Jamie-leeX Jamie-leeX:

Damb who is she

Nikii47 Nikii47:

so rough

laRagazzaFenice laRagazzaFenice:

I loved it

JuicyNiqueNY JuicyNiqueNY:

OMG!! Who is he? How old is he? Where does he live? I need him to come to NYC and come fuck this hot thick ebony milf….. DAMN HE IS SO HOT!!! Im soaking wet right now, I need that!!

reviveron369 reviveron369:


Dalila461 Dalila461:

great video i want more

frenchnewtouch frenchnewtouch:

If u like white teens go to my photo album guys

Banana1262 Banana1262:

more of this chick please

nickinik nickinik:

He’s cute as fuck I want his name now!

ashleycummz ashleycummz:

He can fuck me

CaptainMcMoot CaptainMcMoot:

Hot guys fuck? This nigga looks dorky as hell.

Taythiccx Taythiccx:

Oh yea

Thatoneguard Thatoneguard:

is the new hero on overwatch good cuz i haven't got on in a while

Beyond1k Beyond1k:

He can give me all that dick

thatsneakyguy thatsneakyguy:

Sexy girl but weird loud moans. No good orgasm, thumbs down.

kelani808 kelani808:

Omg I usually look for muscular black dudes with thicc Latina women, but I'm glad I clicked on this video. The passion is what makes sex HOT! Makes me think of my younger days when sex was like THIS. These two are so cute together.

Poogii Poogii:

Does any1 kno how 2 mine diamonds? Because i keep using my wood pickaxe to get it but nothing is spawn..

aSiAnAnDsMalL aSiAnAnDsMalL:

Holy shit dude! Early today I was playing Minecraft with my friend and we built this huge mine and I found 8 fucking diamonds! Then we went to the Nether and I found 5 more! I AM BECOMING MORE POWERFUL

Udryippeer Udryippeer:

Stupid blonde whore dont know how to fuck

hornyandtightt hornyandtightt:

Check out my pictures

BlessedBeTheBias BlessedBeTheBias:

Once you go black, there's no going back!

Wicked101 Wicked101:

I realize it's porn but when I watch vids like this, I want to tell the girl 'Relax and enjoy the cock!

Juliettescty Juliettescty:

He so cute

hhhguy2004 hhhguy2004:

So hot

thickdicktwink thickdicktwink:

I’d just turn her inside out... so hot

lildicasian lildicasian:

just suck the impants out!!!!!

lildicasian lildicasian:

hes the type of camera man to go ohhh you guys!!!!!

WhiteGirls4BBC WhiteGirls4BBC:

Daamn son.

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