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NikoLetsGoBowling NikoLetsGoBowling:

How are you guy's liking Apex Legends?

MasterZack MasterZack:

It seems like a lot of people started playing that.

yoinkerbdoinker yoinkerbdoinker:

tbh I would play the game but i dont have a pc so ya, hopefully getting a pc soon.

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Jaycefullstock Jaycefullstock:

I'm really liking it so far. I really like the various ping commands that make for easy communication.

zorb2000 zorb2000:

I would like a solo mode because not all of us have friends that are available to play all the time, and i don't wanna have to deal with the anxiety from talking to random people idk, but otherwise the game is good ik getting about 140fps not lag

calivietboy916 calivietboy916:

Hell yeah ps4??

Jamie Griffin Jamie Griffin:

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Bacadyo231 Bacadyo231:

To be quite honest I enjoy watching the game be played on streams rather than playing myself, but I'm enjoying it. Thanks for asking.

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mvxmxn mvxmxn:

ion know m8, fortnite is still better

FisterMaster365 FisterMaster365:

Yo. Apex Legends is the shit. It's the best BR game out there. It's so much fun, it's easy to kill and win, and it's more balanced than any other game out there.

ferry5924 ferry5924:

Enough to masturbate!!! Let's have some fun

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

Very hot couple..

ellllllll ellllllll:

would be better if my ps4 would stop crashing the game but other than that it’s ite.

19cmjust4u 19cmjust4u:


PizzaTime2 PizzaTime2:

It’s pretty good

TypicalSnuby TypicalSnuby:

Add me on xbox TypicalSnuby

CommanderShepard1 CommanderShepard1:

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve died late game only to find out my teammates have less than 100 damage dealt

Cocosun Cocosun:

I'm currently downloading it

mj_porn mj_porn:

Sexy girl! I got wet panties from your video

my_balls_are_cook my_balls_are_cook:

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theblueskye theblueskye:

Personally not a fan. But at least it’s way better than Anthem.

Isokatar Isokatar:

I havent played it yet, is it worth it to download?

Killa_K18 Killa_K18:

I love it

King_Sized King_Sized:

Your name made me burst out laughing

ScottLang123 ScottLang123:

I'm feeling the hype, downloading right now

Hyokashinimaa Hyokashinimaa:

This shit has to stop i cannot be alone anymore

sexy626 sexy626:

you are both adorable and I love the last bit at the end when you kissed

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MrMrsFuck MrMrsFuck:

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Porcheria002 Porcheria002:

Agreed. Great chemistry!


Thank you

rossozigma rossozigma:

I like when u guys talk at the end of video! Makes it more specific and special.

mikolo91 mikolo91:

Bring back the white briefs please! Love seeing the guy in them

Sasha wonderland Sasha wonderland:


bravophone bravophone:

Yes, please....Tight and white briefs! Your ass would fit so well and your boner would look so good if she gave you some head though them!

kyleXY79 kyleXY79:

but this black briefs are also hot though

kyleXY79 kyleXY79:

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Thank you

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revfredmorton revfredmorton:

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We are too

ScotsBoy93 ScotsBoy93:

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stinasan stinasan:

Again... when does she cum? As a woman watching these videos I feel sorry for this chick. She looks like shes constantly waiting for you to be finished. Do you have any speed besides jackhammer?

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DAVestergaard DAVestergaard:

That anklet turns me on... 13:39 I wanna lick those sexy soles!

Erwin_Rommel69 Erwin_Rommel69:

FBI open up

Sxr321 Sxr321:

dont mean to be an ass, but the dirty talk from the guy is a little oddyou dont seem into it or something, good video but just wanted to say that

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HornyInNJ HornyInNJ:

LOL at his jeans. Then he didn’t want to take his underwear off. His dirty talk dried me up too.

Bella X Bella X:

Love the chemistry between you two!

krockpm krockpm:

Your best one yet!


We think so too!!!

mastercam1999 mastercam1999:

This is so beautiful and reminds me of how sex should be rather than the casted bullshit on pornhub. Please continue to make more. As well as you are both beautiful. It's always great to see the man treat his woman but vice versa is always good too. THUMBS UP!

MagdaleneP MagdaleneP:

You two are beautiful and sacred. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. ❤

RicharddickGrayson RicharddickGrayson:

no one tell batman im watching this though the batcave computer

RagingComrade18 RagingComrade18:

So I made an account today on pornhub but I ain't gettin any females. Wtf. I thought this was the way

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darinn91 darinn91:

He must’ve just signed a fight with Conor Mcgregor

EandLx EandLx:

xvf200 xvf200:

That guy is hot

BigDickBear69 BigDickBear69:

Love the POV. Thank you for letting them titties out!

steelman61283 steelman61283:

I just cannot get enough of the two of you! You are definitely the best couple on pornhub right now. I love how you guys show a lot of face during your videos. You can really tell how real the chemistry is by seeing the faces. Thank you so much for the great videos and please keep making them!

nasty1900 nasty1900:

She is too damn fine, wow. I busted off to this twice very easily.

nasty1900 nasty1900:

Challenge accepted, if she wears glasses again that should do it


Lets make it three times next video

jday111 jday111:

that was a lovely show....

Clitcommander09 Clitcommander09:

Is this dude a never nude?

Angrybirds123 Angrybirds123:

Actor's name is Sam Collins

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jake15324 jake15324:

it makes it feel like less genuine fucking when ur always looking at the camera

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Natechrest Natechrest:

I love watching people mate. This isn’t acting. This is pure love and bliss. These two are mating. Not fucking, not acting. But making love

victorvilde victorvilde:

Awsome awsomnes! Liked it ! Will we see a threesome in time

bigdickruthless69 bigdickruthless69:

I hope so

Secret Muffin Secret Muffin:

love your moaning, check also how I moan

YvngOdawg YvngOdawg:

Fuck apex legends

MoistForYou MoistForYou:

You can play apex on a ps4 @ yoinker

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This just makes me miss my boyfriend and that is unfair

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I logged in just to favorite this!

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damn she is lucky you are one hot young stallion!

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Congrats on being one of the most viewed vids in the UK

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feel like she’s not really into it anymore :/ she looks like she’s in pain and not in a good way just look at the face expressions, hope she feels better

05560556 05560556:

i wish u guys didnt skip the taking panties off part

05560556 05560556:

u guys r rly good. can u guys pls make cowgirl from male's pov?? (face tits pussy all in one shot thru out the vid)

yeetorbeyote yeetorbeyote:

I was always insecure about my pussy so it’s nice seeing that hers looks like mine

freckled_muse freckled_muse:

I look just like her, I’m thinking about being a webcam model but I’m not sure freckled_muse that’s my Instagram

CRH91 CRH91:

I just come here for the comments

Vanillalust66 Vanillalust66:

That was so hot and extremely wholesome and I love it y'all two are the cutest 3

ednaclusher ednaclusher:

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Phantastics Phantastics:

What a cutie! There's no way I could pull, though. Maybe one squire on her tummy, the rest inside. :-))) Nicely photographed for us!

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shouto_Todoroki023 shouto_Todoroki023:

he's so nice, he goes and gets a towel for her when they're done. I wish someone would give me a towel.

jackerooney jackerooney:

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Barely_Brandon Barely_Brandon:

Bloody love a good bit of apex legends m8

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

Nice and hot musculature ❤

chuggy22 chuggy22:

hot very hot keep it up you two love the work

gspotman57 gspotman57:

Watching those tits bounce goddamn

boricuapr25 boricuapr25:

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MyHotStepSister MyHotStepSister:

great video!

fortniteprogamerr fortniteprogamerr:

this isn’t fortnite..

Guignol531 Guignol531:

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aussieboyxxx aussieboyxxx:

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DyerMaker DyerMaker:

Too fucking hot. I love the way she looks at him and smiles while he's fucking her. And that ankle bracelet of hers is so cute. It made me extra hard.

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

You two look fuckin hot

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Loserlexxx Loserlexxx:

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It's the best video I have ever watched. Love u guys.

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Dude, seriously you are the luckiest guy on the planet. She is amazing..... And you keep her satisfied! Good on ya bruv.....Nick from Jolly Old England!!

Bitfenix Bitfenix:

oh wow, so hot, so natural ...

specialsome1 specialsome1:

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KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:

You two made that look gorgeous

Chrissybitch_16 Chrissybitch_16:

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barf69 barf69:

Wow, amazing video and beautiful girl! Please do more clips like this ;-).

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underwearsex2 underwearsex2:

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that smile... and... boom.

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Thank you!

JessieStewert93 JessieStewert93:

THANK YOU for keeping your boxers on while fucking i find it soooo sexy xx

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Keep doing it then


We find that fucking with underwear on makes me more wet

bravophone bravophone:

Anyone who reads by bio will know that this video was Heaven for me he left his underwear on deliberately. I don't know if it's his thing or not but it is certainly minethis is everything I hope for

bravophone bravophone:

Hi, I responded to this on my frieid request! Thank you for responding to me and your many fans.


We are very glad you enjoyed our video so much. We will do more with underwear on! What's your favorite type?

Durtybird210 Durtybird210:

I love how her titties bounce


So do I

DAVestergaard DAVestergaard:

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Lets see what we can do about that

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I'm so jealous you get to handle those tits. Damn they are great!


magical actually

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